2007 Group Inventory Results

What is an Informed A.A. Group Conscience? 

The group conscience is the collective conscience of the group membership and thus represents substantial unanimity on an issue before definitive action is taken.

This is achieved by the group members through the sharing of full information, individual points of view, and the practice of A.A. principles. To be fully informed requires a willingness to listen to minority opinions with an open mind. [The AA Group pg 26]

*** All Minority Opinions Responses are Highlighted in the Response Pages ***

#1: Are we as a group fulfilling basic purpose to carry the message of recovery to alcoholics?  

The majority agrees that the basic message of Alcoholics Anonymous is presented in all formats. 
Some of the majority do feel that there is room for improvement in specific venues.

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#2:  What more can the e-AA group do to better carry the message?

The majority said we did a good job.  There were two minority suggestions that are worth considering.   

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 #3: Is the e-AA group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds?
        Are we seeking a good cross-section of the online community?

The majority agreed that our potential members are limited to access to the Internet & a computer.  There were several that agreed to see if we can add links to non-English speaking groups.

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 #4: Would the needs of an alcoholic be better met if the e-AA group only had one meeting format?
        Why or why not?

There is a Unanimous NO!   The clearest reasoning for not is:  the strength of e-AA is from the sum of its parts”  

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#5:  Would the needs of the alcoholic and the online community be better met if we break apart into different groups each having its own format?                Why or why not?

The majority agree that we would not improve is we separated into different groups. 

There were some Minority comments on improvements that are worth discussing in conjunction with other question responses. 

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#6:  Do we let each new person know that there are other meeting formats - Why or why not?
        What or how can we as a group do better?

There seems to be no clear majority, our responses reflect our experiences.  

However there are interesting points raised in the minority  Go to Highlighted Minority Responses

#7:  Do new members stick with us, or does the turnover seem excessive?
        If so, why?                     What can we as a group do to retain members?

There is no clear majority on 'excessive' turnover.  The why: some say normal, others say we only have the basic message of recovery to offer, and there is the rationale that alcoholism  has a low recovery rate.

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#8:  Does the group do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of A.A. as it relates to our three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service?

Most agree we have Recovery and Unity.  Service has a good range of perspectives that are worth reading.

The couple highlighted ones merit considering as "Minority" viewpoints.   Go to Highlighted Minority Responses

#9:  Do we emphasize the importance of sponsorship?
        How effectively?                      How can we do better?

There are mixed responses on several aspects of sponsorship, the majority that state it is emphasized are from only a few or our venues.

There is a minority suggestion that are Highlighted Here.

#10:  Do we take the time to explain to all members the value to the group of keeping up with the chores and other essential services that are part-and-parcel of our group twelfth-step efforts?

There are mixed comments on what is possible here - we seem to do pretty good but there are suggestions Highlighted Here

#11:  Mindful that holding office is a great responsibility and not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest, are we as a group choosing our officers with care?

Are we encouraging different people to hold positions to enjoy the benefits of service, in the spirit of rotation?

The majority agree that all that is looked for is a willingness, there is rotation when possible, and rotation does not seem to be lacking.

The minority perspectives are worth discussing and one can add to #8 minority - Go To Highlighted Minority Comments.

#12:  Are all members given the opportunity to share at meetings and to participate in other group activities?

Our majority opinion is the opportunity is present and there is some encouragement to share.

The minority comments call for careful consideration and discussion - Go to Highlighted Minority Comments

Q# 13:  Do we as a group blindly trust our trusted servants by not asking for clarification instead of being quiet to keep the peace?

The majority agree there is a lot of openness and keeping quiet is not usually used to describe us (or at least the vocal ones).  

The minority comment is Highlighted Here and can be considered with the minority from Question #5 Responses.

#14:  How is the e-AA group fulfilling its responsibility to the Seventh Tradition?

The majority agree that we are striving to be self-supporting even better now.

The minority is a minority Highlighted Responses can be considered with how and what is presented to new people.   

#15:  Are we adequately informing all AA members at each meeting that we have a method for passing the Seventh tradition basket?                 Are we careful to specify and accept donations only from AA members?

The majority say we are "passing the hat" enough, but several members do not agree.  Most state that the 7th Tradition page covers us by asking that only AA members contribute.

The minority concerns, Highlighted Here, bring up valid aspects that should be discussed.