Q# 6:  Do we let each new person know that there are other meeting formats - Why or why not?
What or how can we as a group do better?


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I sometimes forget to tell people that are new to AA that there are different formats - I need to improve on that. I have seen others tell new people about our different formats, the only thing that I can think of is to add a "other meeting formats" link in with the other links in the chat room and forum.

New members are, and should be, always encouraged to seek out f2f meetings.  We don't always communicate about other e-AA meeting venues.  Perhaps we should, but not if it dilutes any message of seeking out f2f meetings or working the program.

I would just let them know what is available to them. We can not offer TOO much as there would be confusion.

I believe in the NB meeting & the e-aa group list, we try to let newcomers know all the options.

When folks sign up, they have the opportunity to view the options.  It may get confusing to continually post info 'bout other meetings. If they stick around, they will certainly be aware of all the choices they have.

I agree.  The options are there, and if you stick around, you will "find" everything.

I think it's enough to just refer them to the meeting's schedule list. it lists the different formats.

The only thing that I can add is to echo what one other has said, is to encourage attendance at f2f meetings if it is possible for the newcomer to get to them. It sounds to me, like this is already done.

I need both, and also recognize that one of the reasons why folk are here is that it is sometimes difficult for people to get to f2f meetings.

a lot of people come through our chatroom to e AA, they are pointed towards the yellow banner which is put there to give information about e-AA, not just the chatroom. Within it is, how to sub to email meetings, read the group documents and e-AA history. Also how to do a 7th tradition for e AA.

This is good.

Though we all differ, AA uses the same solution for all of us.  So we should emphasize the different formats w/in e-aa AND offer sobriety alternatives outside of AA. If we truly support the alcoholic, then we should be frank and say we are AA and this is what we do.  If it is not for you, try x,y, or z. Instead we say love it or leave it. Fake it till you make it. Just believe in us and eventually you will be just fine.

We should be less smug and more open. I've seen too many hurt feelings when members question AA and receive curt answers in response.

Yes, when I came in a year ago I was graciously advised of the options available to me

I agree with the 1st response 100%. We are lacking consistency in this area.  I know that when I first came here, I found out about chat & email meetings a couple months later. 


Perhaps the idea of a greeter is a good one.  I think we could easily set up a standard format letting a forums newcomer know all of the options. I personally needed all the help I could get in early sobriety.

No.   There is no such thing as to much AA. Out in the real world in bigger cities they have books listing all the meetings, formats, locations, smoking, non smoking, handicap accesses - I could go on.

I'd bet you a lemon cream doughnut there are folks in the mail meetings that don't have a clue that we have a forum.   Unless you do some digging in the forum - folks that come here likely don't know we have chat and email meetings.  I mean - look at the top of the page - see any links to anything else?      Just the active e-AA logo.

The chat room by far does more to inform folks about the rest of e-AA than any other venue. There are links all over the place. Regular announcements re: 7th and joining the members list.

We've talked several times over the years about greeters - but talking is all we've done.

Got me on this one.  I don't remember how I found about the whole enchilada of e-aa.org.  I think I was curious and jumped on the homepage from the get go.

Of Course.

I tried a lot of different meetings when I joined AA.  I found an excellent sponsor that way. I still try different meetings when I get tired of one or tired of hearing the same things over and over.
  I need new blood to perk up my own program.  It's a way for me to "keep it green."

Yes, I think we should let new members know there are other meeting formats.   As I have stated before, each person receives from their own personal perspective.  


I do think we, who are here in cyber AA, should encourage new members to get connected to AA in their local areas.

First things first.  Baby steps.  Little by little my alcoholic brain came to understand that the yellow banner held more e-aa.
Little by little I logged in and read the on line meetings, when I had summoned up the courage I sat in online meetings saying nothing at first, then saying my name, then saying my name and typing the word alcoholic after it, then finally sharing at an e-aa meeting.

When I arrived in these rooms I was lucky as I was taken by the hand and slowly shown what e-aa had to offer.  I guess in a way I had 3 greeters.

I like the idea of a greeter but I would suggest that there would have to be more then one for the chat room due to its operational status being 24/7.

I generally don't.  In AA I stick to my experience, not recommendations, and my experience was to go to f2f meetings, apply the steps in my life, and let God change me.  So when dealing with new people I share that experience, not provide a brochure of attractions here at e-aa.

Fortunately, we have members for whom e-aa  IS their experience getting sober and they're great at sharing information about what's helped them.

I think that once people get here, they can explore as much or as little as they wish.  Not sure if the question refers to formats such as e-mail and chat meetings, or online vs f2f meetings, or step vs tradition vs topic vs open vs closed meetings.   I think that as time goes on, it's pretty hard not to hear about these things provided one gets involved and stays active in the meetings. 


If someone comes in and is bombarded by a million options and links, they have all these decisions to make.  That's something that this alcoholic has a hard enough time with. Remember Dr. Bob's last words to Bill W. Let's not louse this thing up, let's keep it simple!

I believe we do let people know there are other formats - in multiple ways.  Chatroom and forums contain links to other e-aa formats and the live meetings times are emailed to the email meetings, the forums are occasionally mentioned too. 


To date most people would have seen links to the multiple formats as the ventured into each section - e.g. links from the email meeting subscription pages to the 'Lets Talk' (chat and forums) sections.  As we migrate to the new server and new mail engine, we ought be vigilant that we continue to mention the other formats available here at e-aa.

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