Q# 13:  Do we as a group blindly trust our trusted servants by not asking for clarification instead of being quiet to keep the peace?  


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I have seen it happen in the chat room. One admin disliked the manner the Big Book was being quoted to someone that had just come back in and was kicked out. Another admin made sure the person doing the quoting is banned for life.

Any questioning was replied with the fact that the decision was made by one and all are to back each other.

NO WAY!!! There always seems to be plenty of discussion on all decisions the group members are allowed to hear about. It would be better to hear more from the committees instead of just -"This is what we decided, so there!


No. In fact questions and discussions are encouraged. 

I'll repeat myself.  This is in contrast to what I have seen at some f2f meetings.  Where questions for clarification may be tolerated, but are not necessarily encouraged.  And discussions???   I have been at more than my share of business meetings where "I knew better than to bring up certain issues for discussion."  Usually because it was not worth the hassle and nasty looks or possibly being chewed out by the bleeding deacon or the founding member.

I like the spirit here.


I think people do ask adequate questions.



Boy howdy!


Not hardly.

Oh Lawdy,
I am a trusted servant of this group.  Do you think I am going to encourage them to do this? LOL

I think our webmaster is probably one of the most respected people around here.   He is one of the cofounders and maintains our website although he is working on rotating out.   Well, that's what "self supporting" means.

I digress. ----- I have seen people take him on without batting an eye. I believe alcoholics in general have little or no fear of righting a wrong or an injustice if they think they see one.

No, I don't think we always work at "keeping the peace."

Although "I" for one ---- have been very grateful for the amount of peace that has been being maintained in all of the groups recently.


No ! we absolutely don't blindly trust our trusted servants around here.   People go ballistic over the most trivial things. I do believe it's important to ask questions and be involved, but we go a little toooo far around here.   There's a fine line between abuse and questioning, and we tend NOT to give any benefit of a doubt to our trusted servants.

This is a problem.   We don't tend to get mean ... f2f, but for some reason it's easy to attack people in cyberspace.   I'm not for overlooking problems in order to "keep the peace", however we could use a little more "trust" and gratitude 'round here.

No we question at sometimes with to much vigor.

Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. My vote on any topic is equal to your vote and for me to fully understand what I am agreeing or disagreeing with I need to ask questions,

AA is the only place I know of that allows all its members to have a say on how things are run. Often this is a first time for, what I think would be for many.

No....in fact, there are times when I thought we questioned too much!

Well, I've only been here a short time.  All I can say is this.  No one seemed to think it unusual when I asked a million and one questions about the hosting options for the move, and all my questions were answered really well and without an overtone that suggested people were annoyed at me for asking. 

This being the case, I can only suspect that that was just on par with what has taken place in the past here.  People ask questions, and our trusted servants answer them as fully and honestly as they can. Love it.

Hahahahahahahaaaahaa -  we are alcoholics, we never blindly trust others, we are *gifted* with opinions on everything and not backwards in asking for full clarification. I tend to believe that the trusted servant are not bothered by this - we are servants and we are accountable. People may not always agree, but frank dialogue seems to always be available for interested parties.

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