Q# 4:  Would the needs of an alcoholic be better met if the e-AA group only had one meeting format?

                Why or why not?


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I believe that it is the varied formats that attract different stages of recovery and people with different preferences as members, that in turn makes e-AA strong.  If one or more format is omitted the people that patron those meeting formats will probably leave, and if any group leaves the newcomer might not find help as readily available as it presently is.

I believe the strength of e-AA is from the sum of its parts, although there are also disadvantages to this. We're effectively different meetings, and people who "know" each other in one venue don't necessarily "know" e-AA members in another. That's not necessarily a good thing.  It could dilute the group, and does tend to engender cliques within the meetings and service structure. Bigger isn't necessarily better.  We need to be wary of becoming too big and less effective to the still-suffering alcoholic.

The only thing I can state is that we do not need to be BIG as long as we are carrying the message and need to keep it simple.

Just as there are different types of F2F meetings in town, I think we need to keep the different types of meetings here at e-aa.

Our varied formats are a real plus. Some folks like the chat room, some like the lists, some like the forums ..... it's great we have a selection to choose from

No. There are too many important things in AA that need to be covered. This program takes time to absorb, and all things that occur in the AA circle should be on the forum as well.

different formats are good b/c people are different & like different things. in NYC there are very few variations on the regular format & that's boring.

No, from what I have observed we are diverse enough that those coming to e-AA have different needs and need different meeting formats. I like having alternatives.

meeting many needs is like f2f A A not all meetings are the same. Diversity meets many needs.


I would have to answer no as well

Choices are good. People differ and are attracted to different choices on the menu. I like things the way they are presently setup, including the forums.


No. Several different formats encourages people to find a place comfortable to them. I tried them all and get something different & beneficial from each one.

No, I think choices make it easier for the newcomers to find a way to identify early on.

No, Different personalities have different needs.

I am not usually a proponent of "Women's meetings" but the one here is exceptional and I attend it now and then for different reasons. When the reasons subside I move on to other meetings but I appreciate the fact that it is there.

I think we need to continue having a variety of meetings because that is more like f2f AA .  I think the different formats gives us the opportunity to carry the AA message. Just as people are different, they respond to different ways of understanding the disease of alcoholism and receiving the message of recovery.

I would have to say a definite NO.

The variety of the meetings gives one an inside view of a what the different f2f meetings are about.

The variety, for me, gives me a different daily take on the steps, the BB and the working of this program

Absolutely no. One format would mean there'd be only the e-mail meetings perhaps. I come here for open chat, and chatroom meetings. I also come for first step meetings, topic meetings ect. 

So, no, I don't thing that would serve the needs of THIS alcoholic better.

No, the needs of the alcoholic would not be better met if we had only one meeting format - I think our power lies in our diversity.  Kind of the 'something for everyone' approach.  There is no 'one' format for f2f meetings and I believe the same is true of e-aa.  The internet is just a medium that is the conduit between alcoholics who visit e-aa.  We will from time to time learn what works and what doesn't work in certain formats - and as such we should period conduct a "lessons learned" exercise, to the greatest extent this Group Inventory is part of that, but no necessarily all of that.  We should from time to time be prepared to have a healthy discussion on whether a current or new format is relevant to the group and whether we should be prepared to alter the meeting format mix.