Q# 3: Is the e-AA group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds?
     Are we seeking a good cross-section of the online community?


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To some extent I have seen varied personalities, different backgrounds, all stages of recovery, and different temperaments in the different meeting formats. The only one that I have seen discouraged from participating was someone that was too much of a Big Book fanatic.

We attract alcoholics from all over the world, although there's still quite a "US" emphasis.

I don't think we could be as effective overall if we tried to communicate in other languages as well as English. But perhaps we could have multilingual links pages to encourage other-speaking alcoholics to seek out their native-language fellowships.

I agree with that statement

We attract English speaking, computer owning, internet connected, alcoholics. What sort of diversity are we looking for, and why would this be a good thing?

If we have a need to be more diverse, let's identify that need and do something about it. Otherwise, we are what we are. And that is entirely okay.

"Seeking" ? .... Nah, it's 'bout attraction not promotion. The important thing is that we are available when anyone anywhere reaches out for help, and we are !

I agree. I do think we attract a variety of folks from different countries.

Mostly ---- aside from what we can tell from the impersonal setting of the internet --- how would we know unless they were from different countries and let us know it?

I like the idea for a language translation. It might help but I am not sure we are large enough to handle that kind of a commitment at the moment. Hmmm, More shall be revealed.

I think we attract people for a few reasons. This forum is run like an AA group. There is no "grandiose bleeding deacon" running this forum, like on other forums. I can not stand when somebody tries to force their style of sobriety down my throat. The type where if you state your opinion, you are made an A** out of, talked down to, and really getting the impression that you are not welcome. Here, there is the open arms approach, and that is what a forum should be all about.

I have met people from different parts of the world since I joined e-AA, I don't know what more we could do unless we take on board what Ian suggests.

it's really impossible to see what crosssection of society we are reaching unless we did an income/race question. But, i'd be against that b/c of the anonymity. But, short of passing out computers in the ghettos of the world, i think we're doing fine. It is overlooking people who can't afford to be on-line but then again, they can always go to their local public library & log on.

Given that our "universe" is english speaking computer owners with internet connections, I have noticed what appears to be a crossection of age ranges: young, middle-aged and old. I'd love to see more folks from outside of the U.S. and haven't a clue how to go about it.

In our chatroom and email meetings we have members from other countries, the common bond is english. I agree with Susan attraction is the word

I think we are seeing a good amount of people from countries other than the US. What Ian suggested is a good idea if we can do that.

As far as ages we have young and old alike. 

Those that do not have internet access for one reason or another can still get recovery through f2f. I don't know what more we could do for them.

I agree. It is impossible for us to know, statistically, what a cross section of internet alcoholics would be, and it seems to me that we are doing a good job of attracting those that are in need, regardless of age. I have been in the chatroom before when new people were doing a pretty good job communicating using English as a second language.

Non US members are warmly welcomed. We welcome everyone in the online community and I think we do a good job with this.


Yes & yes

Yes, and all are welcome so its all good.

Yes, like in f2f meetings, we have people from all walks of life. I have been in awe of all the people I have met from different countries while on e-aa. I never would have imagined how connected I could feel with people from so far away. I think Dr Bob and Bill W, would be so pleased to see how we alkies have come together through cyber space to carry the message of AA.

I like what was suggested in having links to different language groups.
I also think that perhaps e-aa could contact the different National Offices to have e-aa listed within their meeting times list.
Otherwise all is good.

I think we're doing everything we can given the format.

Hmmm ... answer is I don't know - I am on another AA related list (a mens email list).  It is a very slow and steady list, seems fairly *sober* with lots of serious alcoholics, and barely a joke ever cracked.  E-aa has it's own *culture* and in the same way - it is what it is, the group changes slowly with each new person (these changes are neither good nor bad).  We have diversity and I believe we welcome new people, be it short or longtime sober, with the only criteria being the desire to stop drinking.  More than anything I think people pick us rather than attracting them.

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