Q# 2: What more can the e-AA group do to better carry the message?


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We provide a link to an online Big Book, we will mail books to those in need without charge, we provide access to the online Grapevine for for our members, we have the 12 step email address for anyone that wants a personal reply to a help request, and ESH is in our meetings. I do not know of anything that has not been been provided.

In terms of twelfth Step work I'm not sure what more we could do.

I do not feel there is more we can do. We do what we can here and we can not make others do or provide more than we have.

Hmmmm ...... Can't think of anything.

I think we have done everything we can do. At least nothing is coming to mind right now.

I have to agree with everyone else. We just about cover everything a regular AA meeting covers.

I can't think of anything, I agree with all who have replied up to this minute.

I think encouraging people to attend meetings, get a sponsor, and work the steps.

we do a lot. if anyone has any more ideas how to do more, it would be great to do them but i can't think of anything . . . I'm not one to think out of the box.

I can not think of anything right now. But I have not been around here as long as others have been.

as the need arises e AA will meet it

I think we could do a lot better in informing members of the needs of a particular venue. For instance the chat room needs meeting leaders, I'm sure the forums could use moderators and posters, the mail meetings always need topic leads, stuff like that

I'm with everyone else, I can't think of anything we're not doing. I'm sure if something arises we can implement it.

I think we are doing an excellent job. I really didn't know about the forums, though, until I got involved in this inventory.

We should lighten up. Engage the skeptical newcomer. Tell newcomers we are a fellowship. We should critically explore questions that, for example, Krista raised about sponsorship. Sponsors are unsupervised, have no training, and operate on their own. I don't even think guidelines exist. That means anyone can be a sponsor. Instead, we just tell heartbroken newcomers to just find another one.

We should be truthful and say bad or incompetent sponsors do exist and explain they receive no training or guidance. We should give newcomers some basic guidelines on who to choose.

I can't think of anything

The group is doing well in this area too. I cannot think of anything else that needs done.

E-AA is an incredibly large presence on the web. I came to AA via the internet and had a variety of experiences before I was referred here. This group was by far the best experience I had as a newcomer.

I don't know what we can do to further the cause of carrying the message.

Don't know of anything other than to "keep on keeping on".

Prominent placement of a link to AA's list of intergroup phone numbers or use by the newcomer and by us to help the newcomer find their intergroup phone number. This is something I stress to newcomers regularly. Call the central office and ask them if they can send a couple AA's to 12 step them f2f. Perhaps when you go to the "Let's Talk," button a link to a list for local intergroup phone numbers could be at the top.

Secondly, if there's anything we can do to get further up in the hits on search engines when searches like, "Online AA," or "Online AA meetings," are done we should do it. (It grinds my butt that that stupid "www.sobercircle.com" thing is always at the top. Man, that is NOT AA.)

I am also aware that while A.A. is about attraction, not promotion - we should do what we can to allow people in need to find us if they are searching for help.

One way - particularly as it applies to the 'help' email address would be to 'recruit' from our members - at the very least make people aware of our 12th step functions.

As a group we are diverse in our functionality - this has pros and cons. We are big as a group, but at the same time we ought never forget the power of communication as a one on one sharing.

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