Q# 15:  Are we adequately informing all AA members at each meeting that we have a method for passing the Seventh tradition basket?                 

Are we careful to specify and accept donations only from AA members?


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Part 1:  no.

Part 2:  yes, although more care may be needed if the answer to part 1 becomes "yes".

I feel just stating 7th tradition is enough and explain more on it if needed to the individual and that we do not HAVE to give to be in AA.

The chat room meetings chairpersons are real good about making it part of the beginning of each meeting. I have seen nothing that I can remember come across in email meetings.

The new web page is great - it clearly emphasizes that we are supported my AA members only.

Add the link address to the opening text of meetings. that would help & revise the statement about the 7th tradition in the openings of meetings. it's not stressed enough. we should have a bunch of surplus. we should be giving every time we do a meeting in e-aa.!!

1. I only belong to one e-mail meeting, the 12 and 12. I know that the 7th tradition is mentioned. Can't remember how often

2. Yes.

as stated before it is in every meeting of the chatroom, and weekly in womens, as in womens meeting email, it is a weekly not daily meeting.

We as a group rely on the co-treasurers for this. So far, this is not a problem.

This area is fine.

Womens meeting & chat I know mention the seventh tradition. I do not see a problem there.

Rise up!

Give money here:   http://e-aa.org/html/seventh.html

Part one: It seems like lately it has come up more.  

Part two: I think so, yes.

Yes, we are adequately making sure we are only accepting contributions from AA members. This is the job of our "trusted servants" and I believe they know what they are doing. I know what it feels like to not be trusted to adequately do a job. I will trust them.

As far as ------ letting them know in our meetings?
I think we could make this a daily posting just like it's done in face to face meetings. I know there are some online issues to do with that and it would have to be discussed in the business and webteam meetings but ---- we post every other blessed thing we can think of daily --- why not the Seventh Tradition.

Yes ... I think our 7th Tradition announcements are clear, and get out to all the meetings.

1) No as it is currently embedded in the preamble at most meetings or comes in email format in what I call 'junk mail'. 

I personally, need to know how much you need to keep e-aa afloat every month.

2) As this is done by trusted servants I trust them if they had a problem they would have come to the business meeting about it. As they have not I can only respond with a yes.

No, I think we should pass the basket more often.

Yes, I think the announcement is posted that only members should be giving.

I agree, and would like to add that, there aren't as many meetings as there could be in the chat area, and there's actually not enough users to support a whole heck of a lot more without it seeming like a profession to the few that are there all the time. It's definitely getting there though.

Here's the thing though.... I've seen "meetings," actually take place at unscheduled times, and in a format that most don't see as being a true meeting in the chat room all the time. They're not even in the meeting area... just that, the conversation often basically turns to a topic discussion, and cross-talking is allowed.   Does that mean it's not a meeting? "  Any two or three alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may call themselves an AA group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation." So when that happens, isn't that the AA group having a meeting of sorts?

I guess what I'm driving at is this, is it appropriate to put a 7th tradition blurb into the open chat like once an hour or so? 

Perhaps something like:

"We are self supporting through our own contributions.  It takes money to keep this chatroom opened and to run AA. As such, if you find being here helpful in gaining and maintaining your sobriety, and you consider yourself a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, please consider making a small contribution today. Click the link that says, "7th Tradition," in the yellow banner below. Thank you."

Umm ... I am most aware of it via a chat link as well as my involvement in the members list.   I have no problem with it being mentioned periodically in other formats - e.g. once a week in the email lists.  

Although, it should probably be coordinated so that people don't a 7th tradition request overload, e.g. I am on 12by12, SV, NB, Mens and Members - if I got 5 requests at once, it might have a nuisance factor. 

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