Q# 8:  Does the group do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of A.A. as it relates to our three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service?


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To me recovery seems to be the focus of the meetings. 

The unity showed up during recent discussion and disagreements. It is demonstrated by the fact that all can voice opinions - regardless of the fast that it agrees or disagrees with anyone, the discussions may be passionate but there is no hard feelings after the matter is settled.

I see some infrequent duties and projects being given to anyone that is willing, encouraging open participation in service.

More could be done to talk up the benefits of Service, but e-AA seems no different in this regard than f2f AA. 

Unity can be a fickle concept when someone walks into a meeting asking questions we'd either rather not answer or feel we've address 100 times already. 

For unity, as with f2f it's a constant balancing act between welcoming newcomers and not allowing them to change the message.

I feel we do what we can.   By keeping it simple and not going overboard, that is what AA is about.   

Keep it simple and do not try to do too much.


Bout the same as f2f, I think.  We focus on recovery, we argue 'bout what unity means, and 'bout 2% of the membership does the work. 

Actually, I think our percentage of people doing service is higher than in f2f, maybe more like 10%, which is fantastic !


YES for all three legacies, in my ESH.  In fact I feel a degree of unity here that I do not feel in some of my f2f meetings because there are no bleeding deacons controlling what happens at the meeting, who is "in", and who is supported in their service. 

By the later remark, I mean that I feel supported here in e-aa for being trusted servant. 

I have not felt this level of support when I was doing service at my "home f2f group."   Interesting.


Alkies are alkies, we can disagree and still have unconditional love for all.

So so.   Propose that service is more than making coffee.   How about working in homeless shelters and places like that? 

Helping our alcoholic veterans who are in tremendous need these days?


I myself could do a better job of mentioning service work.  The womens' meeting does a wonderful job of giving newcomers a chance to do service. 

I think NB could use a tad bit more emphasis on this-though that meeting is less formal which makes it more difficult to do.

We focus very heavily on recovery.  Even our most "relaxed" venues, meetings, what ever we're calling them this week will switch from light hearted banter or flame wars from hell to 12 step mode in a nanosecond.

We place a heavy emphasis on face to face participation, the steps and AA lit. This is good. We're a pretty gung ho group.

Unity. Well, consider this - did anyone make announcements on the email lists about the on going inventory? The chat room? One announcement here in the forums.   Contrasted to constant reminders on the members list.

We're a damn big group here, you know?  The reason we don't have more folks on the members list is because we don't inform, involve, badger and berate like we do in the f2f world.

Service.  We got no jobs new comers can do.  How can we grow in service without a constant supply of new workers.   Plus, it's good for newcomers to have someone boss them around!

Absolutely, Positively, For Sure.

I think we have recovery down.  I think we have worked hard in the last year at involving more and more people in service work.

The "old guard" at e-aa are 'wise elders" they have been gracious enough to step down from service and be rigorous about practicing "service rotation."  This is a tenant of our "legacy of service."  I was taught this about service work only in the last couple of years and have been privileged to see it practiced here at e-aa.

I do believe we could use more unity.  I am not quite sure how we would accomplish that.  I would love to see a bunch of us get together at a convention or something like that.  Maybe in Texas?  I think that is where the next convention will be held?  I don't know what else we can do.  I was amazed at the out pouring from our members at the death of our own William B. 

That showed wonderful unity.  I'd like to see more.

Well, for the most part I will give a "yes", as my answer. We are certainly not perfect and need always to remember to keep doing what we can one day at a time. There is always room for improving.

The group as a whole would mean all its members then I would say no. 

The small group of committed members then I would say yes.

Recovery: check.


Unity: I, personally, could do better here. I usually talk to someone from e-aa on the phone at least once a week to build that unity and I've done other things (send cards & stuff) as a way to deepen those relationships.


Service: I could do better here, too. I do a couple things but I'm not very good at them. I shall work to improve my skills here.

A simple and resounding YES.

I believe so. 

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