Q# 10:  Do we take the time to explain to all members the value to the group of keeping up with the chores and other essential services that are part-and-parcel of our group twelfth-step efforts?


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I think so.  We periodically encourage participation in our meeting venues.

I think so.

I have no idea if we do or not.  I have not noticed any - but many seem to be aware.

I believe it is done mostly on the member list.  Don't see too much of that on NB with the exception of posting the address for Tradition 7 & asking for volunteers to lead a topic or be a greeter.

i think on the business meeting email we do, do we?

I believe we do.

In the chatroom and womens service is recommended and new ones are urged to participate in service similar to the chairs adn cups in real meetings. 


7th step announcement is made weekly in womens, and is included in the format put into the room for all meetings in the chatroom/meeting section. Also being on the yellow banner of information. 


The yellow banner also leads to how A A works and other relevant information for newbies.

We need to stress reaching out to the homeless, veterans, and other folks outside of AA.

No. I don't think people are aware of all the responsibilities there are. Meeting secretaries, greeters, listkeepers, web team work, etc.    It's probably not much different than f2f, though. 

People don't won't to get involved in the business meetings and are oblivious to everything it takes to keep a group going.

We do a good job in women's and my experience is limited to that for the last several months

Once again given the medium we do a pretty darn good job.  I used to frequent chat quite a bit. The longer I stayed around, the more I learned about what happened 'behind the scenes'. I think this is quite natural in any group F2F or E-AA.

We're doing a lot better than we were! That's for sure.

Once you move past greeters and secretaries the trouble is that many of our service jobs involve technical work stuff.

Dean is working on breaking all this up into smaller chunks that won't take the whole site down when someone has one of those "uh oh! *That's* how it works!" moments.

I think I've seen it discussed on the members list or I'm just aware of it because I've been around a while. 

Thats how it works isn't it - stick around long enough and you realize there is a guy behind the curtain pulling the switches and he may need a smoke break at some point?

Well, I think maybe even I fall down in this area.  

As a trusted servant  ------ 

I don't know --- I don't have a great imagination but I wish we could have some kind of a service fair ------- or somewhere where people could go to learn about what service work entails and how important it is to AA and e-aa. 

We try to get people to volunteer but I always feel like we should be doing something more. 

We have a lot of good people at e-aa. A lot of people that have done some great face to fact service work. It would be nice if we could get those people to pass on their ESH and wisdom.

Like I said, I don't have a great imagination as to how we would do this, maybe if it was put to the group.

We would have to work on it.  We could work on it more.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record......yes, we do...in the women's meeting.  Like I have already shared other than a brief time on NB, my experience is mostly from women's and wl. The ladies on women's have been doing a great job!

It was not until I was privately told by an e-aa member that there was a Business Group did I know of the existence of same.

When you look at the criteria for duties it becomes restrictive to have newbies included. That is not to say that I disagree with the time sober prior to taking a service position.

I came to the business meeting thanks to the chair at a chat meeting making mention of it. 

Perhaps stuff like the business meeting and webteam could be mentioned in open chat by some of the chat admins a little more often.

No, I don't think so.   And I'm not sure that we need to.  

I tend believe that those with a passion to be involved will put their hands up - both here and in their f2f home groups. 

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