Q# 14:  How is the e-AA group fulfilling its responsibility to the Seventh Tradition?


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I believe we're better about Tradition 7 than many groups, online or f2f.   More is now being done to rent our own "venue", which may make Tradition 7 more prevalent in future.

I feel we let it be known and that is appropriate enough.

The new sever seems to have made us more self supporting and has also brought new efforts to encourage "passing the hat".

I think we should add a bigger more elaborate 7th tradition thingie to our opening at meetings. we all give a dollar to 2 at f2f's and there's no reason we aren't giving them online. the link to give should be in the text of the opening of meetings.

We seem to be ok as far as the 7th tradition goes.

the 7th Tradition is on the yellow banner in the chatroom, is posted in every meeting.   I believe it is in the right place as the Preamble of AA is what a meeting is about for newbies, not the 7th Tradition.

The 7th Tradition comes with knowledge of our program and a commitment to e AA and A A.

We're doing OK.

could be better

I am not entirely sure to be honest. I think from what I can tell we are doing OK.

We've got a long way to go here. We've existed on charity basically for the last 5 or 6 years. Not only were our expenses unrealistically low - we didn't provide any of our own tech support.

We're supposed to be self supporting. That's not just this group - it's AA. Contributions from groups is one way - and should be the main way - that AA world services are funded.

We have 6-700 a month in the chat room, 250 or so in the email meetings, gosh only knows how many folks are here in the forums.

And we send 4 or 5 hundred bucks down the line every year? Maybe a thousand?

*My opinion* we need to dispense with our mumbled this group is self supporting... announcement and give folks the facts about where our money goes and our obligation to be part of the greater whole.

I think we do ok here.

I was amazed. I mean amazed at the out pouring of financial aid when our webteam decided we needed to move to a new server. The people here are willing to give if and when asked. 

I think our treasurers and webteam work diligently at maintaining the balance needed between honoring our Traditions and our Legacy and yet respecting and showing responsibility to the website and online AA. 

I am most impressed. I just recently saw discussion and revision and respect used on a decision about posting our Seventh Tradition.       I think we are doing a good and well balanced job in this area.

I think we're doing okay. Of course we are going to have a bigger overhead soon, so we probably ought to post the treasurer's report all around every once in a while, to make sure everyone knows it's important to support the group.

It was not until joining the business meeting did I realize that moving to the new server was to cost so much money.

I think the seventh tradition instead of being up with the preamble should be at the end of the meeting before the closing of the meeting prayer,

If all members contributed a small amount of change it would keep e-aa afloat. Perhaps the treasurer could let us know in the yellow banner how much we all need to put in to keep e-aa afloat each month. i.e. total yearly amount divided by 12 months divided by the number of members.

I'd actually just been discussing this. I'd like to see our 7th trad. page be a super-simple link, like http:e-aa.org/7th.html so that it's easy to remember.

I'd also like to see monthly or fortnightly notes to the recovery meetings that don't yet have a reminder system in place.

I think we're on the right track. As Dennis pointed out, and as I understand it, this group has NOT in the past honored our 7th tradition obligations, and that seems to be changing. Thank God! I think it's a little too early to tell, however, if enough members are going to contribute to keep the site afloat. We're entering a new era as far as being self supporting, so time will tell.

It does ok - while there is probably more potential to raise funds, people in this community seem to be reactive to the changing needs.  Personally - I donate to the group, if I wish to donate to AA in NY or the OIAA then I'd do so.  At the same time, when I hand over my money, it isn't my money anymore.  I have a regular commitment to the e-aa group as part of my giving.

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