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"... We absolutely insist on enjoying life" (p. 132, Alcoholics Anonymous). Here's the forum for fun and frivolity. Enjoy!
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Re: AA jokes

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Most are still around, Mike O, Jaywalker Steve, Paige B, Tosh, and Ken the Geordie who gave the second post is actually Tosh, he changed his user-name shortly after.
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Re: AA jokes

Post by Lali »

:lol: The first one was a real hoot! I actually L'd OL!

Re: AA jokes

Post by Noels »

Good morning beautiful people :D
Thanks Brock. Yes now that i think about it, i remember having seen some of their names with posts since I joined. Thanks for the info :D
Let's close our eyes, send them light and ask them to become more active on the site again :D their humour is like a burst of rain in a very dry desert so it'll be good to hear from them again :D
Lali - I'm with you.
Have an awesome Saturday
Mwah xxx Noels
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