How many times do people get chips?

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How many times do people get chips?

Post by SaltyJ73 »

Ok I feel dumb but I lost my 30 day chip and I want a new one but I’m at 45 days now - would it be ridiculous to take another 30 day chip in a meeting? I bought one online but it looks different from the newcomer coin and the chip I lost and darn it - I want them all to match! I know this isn’t a very serious problem but does anyone know what the best way to get another one would be? 🙇🏻‍♂️
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Re: How many times do people get chips?

Post by MyNameIsBetsy »

Hi Salty,

I have two suggestions for you. 1. Ask the secretary of your group if you could have another. Just tell him you lost it in error. Or, 2. Find your local central office of Alcoholics Anonymous and go buy another. The central office is probably where your group secretary buys them from, so you will have a matched set!

Hooray for the 45 days!!!

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Re: How many times do people get chips?

Post by PaigeB »

SaltyJ73 wrote: Fri Mar 18, 2022 1:36 pm ... I know this isn’t a very serious problem...
Ohhhh! I feel you! We always give a white poker chip for the first meeting since your last drink. I carried my white chip (surrender chip) until I had A YEAR. I got the other chips as I went along, but that white chip meant so much to me!

One day I was particularly freaked out about something and I was rubbing it and fidgeting with it AND IT BROKE! OMGOMGOMG! :shock:

My adult daughter was present and she admonished me, "Mom! Just because your chip broke, doesn't mean you are going to drink!" I was not so sure. But her reaction reminded me that I was being a bit insane over it. I then carried that broken chip to my Home Group and I quietly grabbed a white chip to replace it. I don't remember what happened to the 2 pieces, I may still have them! But I didn't drink. I STILL haven't had a drink! But I well remember that moment I heard my chip snap and the panic I felt. I inwardly KNEW I needed a power greater than a white poker chip! At some point, my HP became my Home Group and the Fellowship of AA for a while, then Love, then something else and now something different. It is not necessary to name it and impossible to understand it. All I ever have is my experience.

Your experience will make for a great story someday! It might even help another alcoholic!
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Re: How many times do people get chips?

Post by D'oh »

Congrats on 45 Days!!!

You will get many More Chips along the way, might even be the Missing Chip (being Found) Am for the 3 Month Chip, 1 Day at a Time
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