Tis the season

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Tis the season

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I was in a local store the other day ordering a sangwich and some other items from the deli. Near the deli is a huge section of the forbidden fruits and other liquors. The bottles! Back in 1989 the amounts and varieties of the hard stuff and the wines aren't like today. I wasn't drooling and or wishing as I know this outcome and it would never end well for me.

I was thinking back in my early days and a topic at a meeting was the bottles and those shapes that mesmerize us drunks! Or the other thing is a person gets a drink of wine or whatever and they totally sip and just lasts forever! Seriously? Not for me I was a gulper and had to get my buzz on and then I'd slow up a little.

Anyways looking back on my journey I can say that my desire to drink was taken away and I've had a few moments when temptation tried to win me over. I did the one simple thing AA taught me: Think that drink through from start to finish and once I did that me temptations left as fast as they showed up.

We might of had some good stories and or memories along our drunken paths; but I have more memories of my sober times and I think I've forgotten more than I've learned over time and that is ok. I'll wake up tomorrow and I'll be slow to rise and tired, but I'll be sober and this is a good thing.

Don't give up before the miracle happens and if you aren't sure if the miracle has happened yet-----wait and it'll ring your bell when you least expect it and that is doing your due diligence in AA.
Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It's the best part of the day.
George Allen, Sr.
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