The Face In The Mirror

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The Face In The Mirror

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Hi all,
Very recently, a friend of mine has had a turn in his health. He spent a good portion of his youth living in a bottle, tail chasing and taking whatever drug he could get his hands on.....until one day he had a wake-up call. He had blacked out while driving and only had snippets of what he was doing. Once he realized the way his life was going, Terry managed to get his life back in control. This lifestyle took a toll on his health.

Terry wrote a poem about this and has asked me to post his words on as many forums as I could, in the hopes that it would give others some inspiration to get their own lives back under control. Here are his words:


I’ve not seen you in a long time, nor have I seen you looking the way you do now. You are clear and in focus, how long has it been since you went away? How long has it been since you were on top? Life seems to drag away, going nowhere – taking its time as fast as it can. Especially when you are living life by the drop.

Now my road is open, and my path is clear. There are no rocks in my way, nor in my glass. Suddenly, I can see myself as others have done for so many years. Only now I can feel the pain, the shame, and the disgrace. Twenty some odd years – I’ve got to stop. I realize all the family, friends, jobs, and too many other things I could have lost. And did lose, living life by the drop.

The memories, vague as they are, too horrible, too sad, too shameful to repeat aloud. Yet, they are all that kept me going down the same road. Going nowhere, but dying to return for some unknown reason. Now with sight renewed, I can choose many new roads. All which seem to lead to places I only hoped and dreamed of seeing. It is very strange to travel these paths, my balloon, it cannot pop. Soaring higher than I ever imagined. Free of the chain that bound me, and kept me from being the person we all knew I should have been. These things are impossible to see – living life by the drop.

Rather than drowning myself in the love others have for me, I can now swim in my new freedom. Rejoice with me for I am proud. This amazing event is only possible, because of the undying love and patient support everyone has shown me. Now I can do many things and go anywhere. Now that I no longer am living life by the drop!

(A letter and lesson to myself.)

-Terry Walker
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Re: The Face In The Mirror

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What a wonderful story. :)
Cling to the thought that, in God's hands, the dark past is the greatest possession you have - the key to life and happiness for others. With it you can avert death and misery for them. page 124 BB
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