Math Class on a Friday Night?

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Math Class on a Friday Night?

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I had a wonderful colleague when I was in the Army. I was only a 19-year-old PFC and new to the unit, when our supply sergeant mentioned he had to go to his AA meeting that night. I sat there quietly in his car, with no clue what AA stood for... "Advanced Algebra class, Sgt. White?"
He laughed and laughed and told me what it really was. After that he and everyone else always said, "Off to my Advanced Algebra class!" or "Nah, you guys go have fun, I got math homework tonight."
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Re: Math Class on a Friday Night?

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Being from the UK, we have quite a different A.A. culture over here when it comes to the military. For example I spent 17 years in the British army and I knew quite a few guys attend what's euphemistically called a 'Basket Weaving Course', which was in reality an army alcohol rehab. The name probably stems from some post WW1 therapy for what is now called PTSD.

And once they've finished the Basket Weaving Course, guys would often find themselves on antabuse for prolonged periods. Or discharged.

And give our military culture, where alcohol and mental health problems are rife in certain areas (like some German postings in the middle of nowhere), I'm sure A.A. would've been great, but just not readily available or a culturally viable option.

It's a shame we're a little more backward than our 'Merican cousins when it comes to A.A. in some respects.
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