7th Tradition issues

The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the principles that hold our groups and society together.
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7th Tradition issues

Post by Slowtime »

I recently relocated to a country where AA is not prominent. In a city of millions there are 4 or 5 regular members but visitors depending on the season.

Am I right to say no to all these members (I'm new here, and don't want to rock the boat), or is it possible to ignore tradition 7?

Any help greatly appreciated!
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Re: 7th Tradition issues

Post by PaigeB »

Another member asked if they could use it to send a member to a convention.
We use the 7th Tradition money to help members attend service functions or even workshops. We have also used the 7th Tradition money to provide food for an event like an annual picnic.

We also have a retreat, but that money is separate. Each person pays for their own retreat with a little upcharge to pay for food and to possibly supply a retreat scholarship (or partial) for someone else next year.

We are very conscientious about keeping the 2 accounts separate.
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Re: 7th Tradition issues

Post by PuppyEars »

Sometimes in these situations it is okay to second guess ourselves and examine why you are the only person with an objection.
I personally can sneak some joy out of being a rebel or maybe disagree in an attempt to make myself stand out. We turn heads when we say no.
Maybe inventory yourself and invite God into this if all our human opinions are garbage.
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Re: 7th Tradition issues

Post by ODAAT »

Slowtime, if there is no specific allocation or need for the money, it is correct to think about getting rid of it. Money causes problems.

But I'm curious about AA being illegal in your city. It has a law that prohibits AA groups and/or meetings? Where is this?
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