Young people's AA West Midlands (England) meeting?

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Young people's AA West Midlands (England) meeting?

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I'm a 20 year old male, dropped out of uni and attending AA around Wolverhampton. I love the meetings I go to, however, I was wondering if there was any way to start a meeting for young people around Wolverhampton/Birmingham/West Midlands? I feel like it would be really great to have some time with other young people, and I've seen there are young people's meeting in some places. How do people go about this? Would anyone else be interested/know of young people of the area they could point this way?
I have no idea how meetings are established so, if I get any responses, it would also be helpful for and older attender to give advice on if/how this is possible.
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Re: Young people's AA West Midlands (England) meeting?

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Hi craven

I'm a YPAA alumni. It's really easy to start a new meeting. Decide which time and day of the week works best, find a space to rent for the meeting (churches are generally very generous about letting AAers rent Sunday school classrooms) bring a kettle or coffee pot for hot beverages, a Big Book, and get the word out at all your regular meetings that there's a new YPAA meeting starting at such and such time and date. My home group was a YPAA meeting which started out with 4 regular members and grew to over 100 every week in this way. As soon as your up and going and growing, be sure to list the meeting with your local intergroup's directory so other young people can find you. That's about all there is to it. Go for it and good luck!
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