22 years old and i might be an alcoholic

For the younger AA generation, some experience, strength and hope.
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22 years old and i might be an alcoholic

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Let me start this off bye saying i function really well in society i am a highly respected member of my community and no one but me knows my dark struggles. Im 22 years old and im bipolar and i have severe anxiety. Ive been dribking since i was 12 years old and started heavy drinking when i was 19. I havent been sober more than a month in over three years combined. I have anxiety over knowing that i moght not have money for alcohol and knowing that i mught not be able to drink tonight. I need help and dont know where to start.
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Re: 22 years old and i might be an alcoholic

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Bhenderso6 wrote:
anxiety over knowing that i might not have money for alcohol...

I need help and don't know where to start.

i can relate to the intense anxiety of not having alcohol,

long story short, i asked for help when i was down, desperate and bankrupt and i got help (ER, rehab, AA),

i know from experience that there is a way out, going to AA was mine,

may you find yours
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Re: 22 years old and i might be an alcoholic

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I got to A.A. when I was 26. There were people younger than me in this meetings. There was no ageism.

Call the number for Alcoholics Anonymous in your phone book for direct help. You are not alone!

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