Newly Recovering Alcoholic

For the younger AA generation, some experience, strength and hope.
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Newly Recovering Alcoholic

Post by Lumberzach »

Hello guys and gals,

I am a newly recovering alcoholic, (15 days sober today) and something I have noticed about the AA meetings I have been attending in my area is that there is a significant lack of young people, our age that are there. Now whether this is because young people are too scared, shy, or don't know they need help, who knows, but I felt I could try and do something about it. Try and put myself out there, for lack of a better term, to help people see and understand what I am going through in order to help them maybe see that they aren't alone. I decided to start a blog documenting my feelings, and experiences in my stages of recovery. It IS appropriate, and in no way crude, crass, or anything of the sort. It is merely for those that want to see they are not alone in the "new to recovery" stage.

Essentially, and this isn't a shout out for "followers" or "pity" or all that jazz. Firstly, it helps me, it makes me feel as though I am helping others, if you don't want to read it, no problem, but I know how it feels to feel alone, I still feel that way, but this is a way I can try to help others who need it.

Anyhow the blog is on Tumblr and can be found at the link below.


Feel free to check it out, and I hope it will help you as much as it is helping me.
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Re: Newly Recovering Alcoholic

Post by johnd »

Well that is a good thing reaching out and it will also help you too.. Good Luck and Congrats on the 15+ days... John D.
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Re: Newly Recovering Alcoholic

Post by ezdzit247 »

Hi Lumberzach and welcome.

Congrats on 15 days of sobriety!

That is so neat that you're already reaching out to others by blogging your sober journey... :D Great idea!

When I finally got sober and joined AA, I did not see a lot of other young people at the meetings I attended either and I felt kind of lonely too. Fortunately for me and the others in my area, an AA/NA oldtimer named Gordon B. started a YPAA meeting for us which became filled with young sober alcoholics from ages 12 and up within a few months. That meeting became a home group for most of us and was instrumental in helping all of us achieve long term sobriety. It has been a special delight to me to see how much YPAA has expanded all over the US, GB, Europe, and Asia over the years since I got sober. Love it!

Sent you some links to other YPAA websites, including upcoming conferences and conventions. Don't know where you are. but there's several YPAA conventions in August and September you might want to check out.

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