I'm new to this..

For the younger AA generation, some experience, strength and hope.
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I'm new to this..

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I am a 24 (25 in August) year old female, I was newly married on May 2nd to the love of my life, and woman I have been with since I was 17. I have a father that has been in and out of prison my whole life, a brother that abused me and is now dealing with his own addiction issues (he has overdosed multiple times) and a mom that is currently housing him and taking care of him as if he doesn't have any other option. She has been in and out of the hospital the past year he has been living with her and it's really starting to scare me, but I don't know what to do to separate them. I am angry, it's effecting my life, my happiness, and my relationship and I would like to speak with someone that has a new perspective.

Also- I've been drinking since 10am. I don't want to end up in prison like my dad and I don't want to be a junkie like my brother. I really don't want to be a pushover like my mom, and I just don't know how to rise above it.

I need to know how to be okay being sober, and dealing with this.
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Re: I'm new to this..

Post by ann2 »

Hi and welcome. So glad you're sharing here. I am so sorry for your family situation right now, it sounds very challenging.

I had drinkers in my family as well. One of them never got to A.A. but another got there recently and is sober over a year now. What I had to learn was that the healing starts with me.

I started going to A.A. meetings when I was 26. The first meeting I went to was chaired by a woman 27 years old celebrating a year sober. That was a clear message to me that I wasn't too young and that I belonged too.

A.A. meetings were wonderful places for me where people talked about the same problems I knew and helped me to realize I wasn't alone. They also had an answer to these problems, one I wanted for myself because I didn't want to drink!

You can find meetings where you live by looking up Alcoholics Anonymous in your telephone directory and calling. Many areas have 24/7 hotlines with people just like me, former problem drinkers who got helped and want to pass that help on to others.

If you'd like to read more about A.A. here's the link to this group's virtual literature table


Let me know if we can answer any questions here, and glad you found us!

Ann :D
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Re: I'm new to this..

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Welcome! As Ann suggested, contact your local AA group which you can find online at aa dot com. I got sober at the age of 17 way back in the late 1970's. By that time I had already made it to the jails and institutions. It wasn't easy at first but I stuck with it. Not drinking hasn't kept me from doing anything in life except not drinking. Through AA and the 12 steps, I've been able to live a great life. I found through the years if you think you have a drinking problem, you have a drinking problem. Give AA a call.
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Re: I'm new to this..

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Hi JFlo,


I went to my first AA meeting when I was 24! and AA had the answer to my drinking problem, I've been sober since then.
It works. In my family, some of us have gotten off drugs and alcohol and some didnt.

The best thing is to read the literature and to go to a meeting. If you call the AA service number in your phone book they will find someone to take you to the meeting, or they can tell you where your nearest meeting is located.

If you want to stop drinking you can do so, even if others in your family arent ready to do the same.

All you need to go to an AA meeting is a desire to stop drinking.

May as well give it a go! :)
" Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone. The only condition is that he trust in God and clean house." page 98 A.A.
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