AA Preamble

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AA Preamble

Post by Redrosespdwy »

AA IS NOT ALLIED WITH ANY ORGANIZATION. I announced at a Christian soup kitchen that we have an alcoholic recovery program Weds night at 630pm. But I am not at liberty to say the name (AA) Some guy at the soup kitchen whose in AA shouted “the meeting is AA”. Then he got up, walked behind where I sat, slapped the back of my head, said “lighten up, tell them it’s an AA meeting.” I am 32 years sober. Am I too strict??
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Re: AA Preamble

Post by Brock »

Thanks for an interesting question.

From my interpretation of the traditions, you did the right thing, but I also feel it wouldn’t have been wrong to mention AA. If for example someone was reading a list of weekly activities held at the facility, or offered by the Christian group, it would probably say AA meeting, not alcoholic recovery program. So I feel it could have been done either way, mentioning AA would not be wrong, and not mentioning it also would not be wrong.

To me the only one absolutely wrong, is the clown who made a big deal about it, shouting out then physically touching you. Some of us are more recovered than others, and it looks like he has things to learn still.
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Re: AA Preamble

Post by PaigeB »

Groups in many areas consider this type of speaking to be one of the cornerstones of a constructive A.A. public information program. They believe that it provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our willingness to be “friendly with our friends,” to inform the public concerning the role of A.A. in the community, and above all, to carry the message of our recovery to alcoholics through a third person...
On my not-so-humble opinion, and from my time in Public Information Committee, I CAN and SHOULD say "AA meets here Fridays"... However, I should refrain from saying, "My name is Paige and I am an alcoholic who goes to a meeting that comes here." Personal anonymity is different from having some sort of super secret society.

People don't come to AA to do sightseeing. We need to let those who have never heard from us before know where we are and that AA is alive and well in the community. IF someone comes up to us after the announcement wanting to know more we con discover what their personal needs are ie; alcoholic, alanon or interested party.

AA Literature CAN and SHOULD go anywhere they will let us put a rack of it out! Ask your District or Area how you can be of assistance to those who do not know the first thing about AA. :arrow:

See ALSO: Understanding Anonymity
https://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/p-47_un ... nymity.pdf
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Re: AA Preamble

Post by tomsteve »

too strict? overboard.
AA is not allied with any organization.
it isnt AAs members are not allied with any organizations.
. wtf is wrong with saying its an aa meeting?
lighten up. get some looser fitting britches.
dont take yourself so dam seriously.

i think theres a crapton of misunderstanding /ignorance of traditions,which tradition study meetings would be a good thing to attend
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Re: AA Preamble

Post by positrac »

I have 30 plus years sober and my thoughts on this are the following: AA meeting where and when and if they care they will come and if not then they ain't ready. I am from the old school and I know that even back in the day it was called out AA.

Live and learn and go in peace. You have a lot to offer and you might of gotten a little rigid.
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Re: AA Preamble

Post by innermost »

Since you decided to make the announcement
I think you should have said AA, so people know
exactly what it is.

You then could have added that it is not affiliated with
the soup kitchen,so you feel aligned with the preamble.

I applaud your effort and desire to not be affiliated with the soup kitchen.
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