The First Home Group

Is the concept of a Home Group dying? What is a Home Group anyway? Talk about it here.
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The First Home Group

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Good Morning all,
I'm researching information for a Workshop my Home Group will be hosting in March. Our topic is "The Home Group".
Does anyone have any additional information on the First Home Group?
I've found out it was in Akron Ohio and was established in 1940. My research revealed this was Dr. Bobs Home Group, but that about all information I've found thus far. During my research, I found this forum and joined.
Scott L
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Re: The First Home Group

Post by OnPoint »

Scott, everything I know about the first home group came out of the book "Dr. Bob and the good old timers". (I think I got that title right, I don't have it in front of me)
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Re: The First Home Group

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Hi Scott.

I'm not sure how you are defining the phrase "home group"? I read Bob P's History of AA on the Silkworth website and was surprised to find there were many AA meeting groups established in different parts of the US after the BB was published in 1939 and before Ohian alcoholics finally broke away from the Oxford group.
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Re: The First Home Group

Post by PaigeB »

If you go to the USA/Canada GSO website
Home Group
I found these links you can follow:
Literature matching "Home Group" (175) +
Pages matching "Home Group" (54) +
Newsletters matching "Home Group" (271) +
Press Releases matching "Home Group" (16) +
Videos matching "Home Group" (1) +
Audios matching "Home Group" (1) +

One thing I know is that I made a commitment to a Home Group and I still maintain that. It was part of me "getting in the middle of AA" when I first came in. Service merely doing dishes brought profound feelings of purpose which service has given me many times since then. It help us complete the Triangle of Unity, Service and Recovery in a seemingly small way, but the Group IS the most important thing when we think of our 1st Tradition. Good luck!
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Re: The First Home Group

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Hi Scott,

If you look in the Big Book in the "Forward To The Second Edition" page xvii ,it says the first AA group was in Akron, second group was NY, the third group was in Cleveland.
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