Hi. My name is Merl and I'm an alcoholic

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Re: Hi. My name is Merl and I'm an alcoholic

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Your post has made my day, Merl!
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Re: Hi. My name is Merl and I'm an alcoholic

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Excellent news! Congrats AND Great timing too!

We make it a regular practice here at the e-aa Forums to close and lock threads when they reach five pages. This is page 5 and I will let it roll for a few days so everybody catches up and is able to see this.

PLEASE feel free to start a new thread. I am so happy that we have been able to be here for you and now you will be able to also offer the hand of AA to the new guy. You are in the perfect position to tell him how you made it 30 days!

Hell, I remember when I could not give you 30 minutes if you were delivering the booze! I had to do a lot of mental gymnastics to decide if me going to the store was going to be faster or if growling at you would make you hurry up, or maybe someone was closer to the store and could do it, don't ask Alice- she is always late. Oh Dear Lord! I am such a victim of life! Thank Goodness for AA!
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Re: Hi. My name is Merl and I'm an alcoholic

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congrats merl
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Re: Hi. My name is Merl and I'm an alcoholic

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Merl wrote:Hi Robert,

I tried to explain it to my spouse this way: if I went on a trip that you didn't want to on and had no interest in how can I explain the trip to you in such a way that would make you feel with all of your senses that you had been there. There is not only the act of drinking, but it is the physical, emotional, mental and all five senses that are involved. You can't express that to someone and have them feel or sense that if they aren't going through it. My spouse said," I'm glad you came to me first and I'm glad you found people who you can share this with. And I'm glad you're sharing your experiences with me too. I'll help you here too. " How blessed am I? God has something planned for me. I don't know what. But whatever it is, I am grateful for it.

Please stay in touch Robert. I greatly appreciate your words.
I really like the way you said this and might even borrow it to say to my spouse.
Thanks for your sharing