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This group operates a policy of removing links to external sites that have not gone through the links directory editor.

This applies even with links to AA resources.

Non-AA resources would probably not be approved, even if they look like AA resources. An example of this is religious-based halfway houses for addicts that just happen to use AA's program. Such organisations tend to breach AA's Traditions, so we'd not want to even appear affiliated with them.

To access the e-AA links page and contact the links directory editor, click here -
If anyone sends a post to this board which contains a link to another site, it's almost certain to be deleted by a moderator. This is a standing guideline the moderators are working within.

If you want your post to remain, don't include a link. Not even to another online AA group.

This particularly includes links in profile signatures. If your profile's signature contains a link to an external site, we would strongly suggest removing it otherwise all your posts are liable to be deleted.

The most notable exceptions are links to elsewhere within e-AA, and links to "official" AA or Al-anon sites (such as,, etc.).

If you really must have a link to somewhere else, e.g. a personal weblog, your personal profile is the appropriate place to put it.