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South America

AABR - Grupo de Alcoolicos Anonimos

Somos um grupo de ex-bebedores que conseguimos através do programa de recuperação de Alcoólicos Anônimos uma vida saudável sem ingerir bebidas alcoólicas. Compartilhamos nossas experiências, forças e esperanças via email com membros de A.A. de vários países. O idioma utilizado é o Português. Web Page: Email: AABR-Online We are a group of former drunks who are trying to live within the Recovery Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and consequently having a healthy and better life without drinking alcoholic beverages. We share our experiences, strength, and hope by email with AA members from all over the world. AABR is a closed meeting list where Portuguese is the language for communication. Please, visit our web site in order to have more details:

English speaking meetings Rio de Janeiro

Listing of English speaking meetings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with contact phone numbers and directions to get to meetings.

English speaking meetings Santiago, Chile

Listing of English speaking AA meetings in Santiago with contact information and google maps to find meetings

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