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Extra credit: These will be your questions to ask *and answer*, if you
choose to.


15 questions (sometimes one member submitted 2 or 3). 5 questions related to issue of personal (sometimes bad mannered) email on the business list. Also included were suggestions to the group in various areas and questions that wait upon a response.

1. Have we ever tried speaker meetings? Members of the group - or
invited speakers - could have 20 minutes to tell their own story then
open up the meeting for sharing? Might be interesting to try, perhaps
once a month. Would give some of the e-AA members an opportunity to tell
their story to newcomers. And, the members “speaking” would have the
chance to organize their thoughts ahead of time to cut/paste during the
meeting. We could all get to know each other a little better – in a
positive way.

2. If someone was taken out for whatever transgression what was the
actual time out ?

3. As the majority of members are from the American continent, are there
allowances made or understanding for the minority membership of other
couintries different language meanings of same words?

4. If a "minority" person joined one of the lists, would they find
racism in the discussions and/or chat? I don't think they would - I
think it's a respectful place, at least in that regard (the not
respectful part would be in the personal arguments that make their way
to the business list).

5. What is your pet peeve? Nay sayers!!

6. What would you like to tell each member? I love you!! Thank you for
being in e-AA! But I don't always have the patience for the private
conversations in members--please consider clicking the email address of
the post when responding, which will open a new email to that person
only, instead of reply, in which case we are creating cross-talk in the
business meeting.

7. can we best avoid "flaming" and retaliation on our
lists? Are there guidelines we can follow from a group conscience to
temporarily put members "no mail" members who instigate/indulge in
hostile and desruptive behavior? Should the e-AA Secretary be
repsonsible to establish and keep the"decorum" on the list?

8. Why is there a free-for-all of bad manners on the e-AA lists? What
can be done? What can be suggested and re-suggested? Should we have a
NOTICE posted BOLDLY to STOP the nasty crosstalking/attacking whenever
this occurs? Should we encourage our "members" to NOT RESPOND when

10. Tradition One suggests that anyone can "say" what they want at
AA...nobody can "control" anybody else...then Tradition One quickly
acknowledges that the group will not survive unless each member works to
share the responsiblity for the whole! Do we need to STRESS Tradition
ONE and all of its implications?

11. When do we REVIEW the part of the success of the GROUP as a whole as

12. My final suggestion would be that we either modify our present site,
or secure a website that eliminates the need for a "Listkeeper"
(Similar to MSN Groups.)

13. See #6 (Are we careful to preserve the anonymity of our group
members and other A.A.s outside all the meeting rooms? Do we also leave
the confidences they share at meetings behind and explain this concept
to new people?), people need to address each other or approach that
persons comment without such venom. I understand SOP conversation that
is uninformed. If someone gives up personal information like Pierce did,
he should be moderated, next time he is gone. That was her business not
everyone who can read. There needs to be more respect for people by some
people. I have belonged to big groups where "war" could mean a long
drive to some one's house. But it's that old we could be better
thing...At f2f he would have had his ass kicked (pardon me) and
people a year later wouldn't be speaking to him.

14. What more can be done to help new members understand procedures &
business on the business/members list? I think it would be a good idea
to have someone to sort of mentor/greet a newcomer to the business list.
Its very confusing being a new member to the group & having to figure
out whats going on for yourself.

15. Personally, I feel like the group inventory was rammed down our
throats. The time of preparation was very small, and the sense of
urgency was far to great, in my opinion (of course around this place
that means next to nothing anyhow). A couple of members who I have
spoken with also felt that the inventory was railroaded through.
Doesn't really matter though, as it is really important to keep the
status quo around here.

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