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Question 5b: How can we do better?


12 responses, with 5 suggestions for more sharing about sponsorship online and 2 mentions of providing online sponsorship.


I think we do well here.


It can be talked about more.

Pester people just as is done in face-to-face AA: "Do you have a sponsor
yet? Do you have a sponsor yet? When are you going to get a sponsor? Do
you have a sponsor yet?"

Effort...more effort and awareness by TALKING/SHARING about Sponsorship
at the various venues at e-AA.

We might mention from time to time that face to face sponsorship was
invaluable to the vast majority of the members here with a bit of sober
time. I've noted there is a tendency online to share our theory de jour
rather than our actual experience to some extent. The reality is that
the vast majority of us sobered up via extensive face to face contact
and AA involvement.I am not sure we can other then to repeat that you
really need to have a sponsor.

the forums could be more active

Have sober people available to temporarily sponsor newcomers. Perhaps
this could be within the remit of the 12th Step committee.

If we can agree that online sponsorship is something to support at e-AA,
we need to collect names of members who could be available to sponsor
online, and find some way of getting those names connected with those
who could use the help.

Don't know...

Not sure.

I'm probably not the right guy to ask.

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