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Question 5: Do we emphasize the importance of sponsorship in all our
venues (email meetings, chat meetings, discussion forums)?


16 responses, 11 yes and 5 no.


Yes, is one of the first suggestions made to most newcomers in chatroom.

Yes, I believe we do, this is where I learned of the importance of

Again, I am not here long, can only answer this from the time I am here,
from what was said to me, yes.




I think so.


I think so

I believe we do.

Yes, we emphasize the importance of f2f sponsorship. However, there is
the possibility for online sponsors to assist an alcoholic with the
steps, in addition to a f2f or as might be necessary for loners, as only
option for an alcoholic.


No, no, and no.:-)

No. I say this because I don't have a sponsor, have never had a sponsor,
and haven't been made to feel any urgency about it. I'm responsible for
not having a sponsor, but generally I do what I'm told :-)

Nope...we need work harder on Sponsorship awareness...the Sponsorship
topic borders on DEAD at the Forum...the moderator/other members should
energize the Sponsorship information via the Forum and other venues too.

We need to do more

Additional comment after the results had been totalled:

This reminds me of those who are not doing AA service
yet complain about poor service. Individual members
need to accept their own responsibility with the
status quo in such cases.

Although I have only been the moderator of the
sponsorship forum a few weeks, I don't believe it is
the moderators responsibility to do ANYTHING other
than moderate... that is to ensure that the forum
operates smoothly in that off-topic or abusive content
is kept to a minimum.

As such, I would quite happily moderate a forum
without feeling a need to contribute anything to its

It's nearly impossible to generate enthusiasm about
anything out of a vacuum. The "Step Study" is a case
in point... only by others sharing back does anything
come to life even when one individual starts the
process by contributing a disproportionate amount.

I'd like to see more people sharing about their own
experiences with sponsorship, and with service.
Sponsorship is one area in AA where a principle of
" promotion rather than attraction" tends to prevail,
bordering on the religious. If newcomers heard others
talk of HOW a sponsor helped beyond "my sponsor told
me...." maybe the idea would be more attractive.

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