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Question 4c: What can we as a group do?


11 responses. Stopping infighting on lists, and other really good suggestions :)


Stop the flaming and ugliness on the lists....

Try to have folks take personalities to private e-mail & stop airing
stuff in the e-mail meetings, etc.

Be more attentive to the newcomer. Remind people of that "principles
before personalities" piece often!

Learn so basic manners about attacking other individuals...showing
tolerance and restraint (I would be one that is currently 'learning'
restraint)...restraint is a big deal and a very important suggest for
character improvement within the program. This is a good place to
practice "restraint."

Keep the bitterness to a minimum so that the newcomer walking into an
ongoing thread doesn't run out the door on the second day.

I'd like to see a discussion about this.

Offer more by way of "sponsorship".

Stay real. BE real. Those of us who are so motivated can call and talk
on the phone, we can send cards -- real-world showing up for people --
that carries our message of hope offline.

We offer the less active lists, such as stepamonth and other venues,
such as the forums and chat meetings

Should always have someone with good sobriety available at chat room to
help the newcomers.

Encourage newcomers to get all the AA they can. Online, face to face, a
sponsor, AA books, AA tapes, AA face to face - did I mention AA

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