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Question 4b: (Does the turnover seem excessive?) If so, why?


10 responses. Varying answers, with references to group infighting and many mentions of the online nature of our group.


I think people quit the members/business list because of
arguments/flaming. In fact, I know people that do and have. Sometimes
when the flaming starts we immediately have requests for two or three
folks who want to "unsubscribe" and publish that wish at the list...I
don't know how many unsubscribe quietly without saying/writing a word to
the list.

Due to the in meeting bickering/fighting

Mostly I think it's the medium but it may be the infighting also.

Sometimes a clique persists, which can hound out newcomers.

I believe some people are "checking out" AA but feel online that they've
made no real commitment to sobriety.

" If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any
length to get it - then you are ready to take certain steps." Lets face
it, if some one *can* go to face to face meetings, and won't they lack
the willingness needed to recover from alcoholism.

the welcome is still just an spontaneous thing that depends on who is at
chat room at that moment, and many times only new aa members are there
and very limited to help, other times nobody is there.

Hard to say. Perhaps because there's no danger of running into someone
else at the supermarket who'd ask "where've you been?"

I think the mail volume can be heavy for some

Don't know

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