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Question 4a: Does the turnover seem excessive?


18 responses. Of those who had an opinion about half said yes and half said no. Other responses were discussions of turnover in relationship to online groups.


The group is growing. How do we define "turnover"? I believe turnover
will always be high, because most newcomers will be exploring.

It seems high, but what's excessive? I've been here about two years and
there's a group that seems to have stuck around for much of it. There
are others whom I miss, but without much experience in f2f I don't have
a basis of comparison.

No way to measure this objectively. This might be an area to explore
further and track new arrivals to see how long they stay. But, this
would take a lot of work. And, we always encourage newcomers to go to
local AA meetings. So we may not get a true answer even if we find a way
to statically track it because part of the reason someone might not come
back is that they have become safely entrenched in local AA meetings.


I think it's high.

Seems pretty big.


guess so, many come , few stay

At times, but I think that is the nature of online meetings



Not really.




Not to me because I'm not counting...but I'm always really happy when
people who find sobriety with us hang around and "give back" by
participating at e-AA Fellowship of AA.

A little, but its 50/50 as to who stays and who goes.

No, but email meetings for instance arent for everyone, some people are
expecting something else so they unsub. Just like the chat room may not
be for everyone

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