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Question 4: Do new members stick with us?


8 responses to the general overall question, with more people responding to the follow-up questions a, b and c. There appear to be different interpretations of what the members are sticking to, variably assumed to be the e-AA members list, an e-AA email meeting, the e-AA forums or the e-AA chat room.




New members seem to stick, although I seem to recall that some new
members have not stuck with the business list. And who can blame them?
It can be very volatile at times, with personal attacks and arguments
that ought to be private making their way onto the list.

New e-AA members are overwhelmed by the mass of information regarding
this site. There is a lot of detail and a lot of people to assimilate.
They stick with us, but are they interested in being a "part" of e-AA? I
would like any initiative that makes it more attractive for members to
get involved.

Who knows really I think results are unimportant because "on-line"
people may be passing through on their way to finding a "solution" to
their alcohol problem at face-to-face AA...on-line provides the
opportunity for people to discreetly search and investigate their
possible alcoholism...silently, from anywhere/anytime!

Hard to say. We get a lot of lurkers on the nb list. And lord only knows
how much work the listkeeper has keeping up with all the subs/unsubs
over time!

I believe our turnover is no greater than f2f


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