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Question 3e. Do we offer recovery support to men?


15 responses. The question brought up the idea of having a men's meeting, and there were positions stated pro and con.



I think so


Dunno - I imagine so.

By themselves? No.


Less so than women.

No special emphasis at this time.

There should be a mens group

There is a womens email list, but not a mens. Has that ever
been considered?

Why no men's email meeting???

Maybe some of the flaming on the business list is a response to having
no men's email group. The guys could whoop it up there with no need for

I don't care. "Alcholics Anonymous is a fellowship of MEN AND WOMEN WHO
SHARE ... so that they may solve THIER COMMON PROBLEM. ..." These
specialty meetings and groups, after about a year of sobriety, never
made sense to me. As soon as someone says, well, we have special
problems, at that point they're talking about something other than
alcoholism and it's an outside issue. Just my opinion.

Not specifically and I think that's a great way to go about carrying the
message. How egotistical of me to decide who I'm going to help by
sharing my experience. I don't believe in segregated meetings.

. . . . We have a women's meeting, but no men's meeting. I don't do
specialty meetings usually, I like AA inclusive rather than exclusive.

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