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Question 3d. Do we support women's groups?


16 responses. General awareness of women's email meeting list, and some strong reaction.


Yes, there is a women's email meeting.


Think so.






Seems like we do!

Yes with a e-mail list.

Well I just joined one and I am very pleased

More so than men.

. . . We have a women's meeting, but no men's meeting. I don't do
specialty meetings usually, I like AA inclusive rather than exclusive.

I unsubbed from the women's list because it seemed very inactive.
Perhaps that has changed over the past 6 months! But I have been on an
agoraphobia list with a decided feminine direction which was very chatty
and loving and responsive. It was guided by one person who took it upon
herself to answer each post and inquire after members not heard from in
a while, and who led by example in sharing her problems with her
illness. I guess I was hoping for that. Should I sub and attempt to
create such an environment? Probably. But I'm actually a little worried
about the politics of such an effort.

I don't care. "Alcholics Anonymous is a fellowship of MEN AND WOMEN WHO
SHARE ... so that they may solve THIER COMMON PROBLEM. ..." These
specialty meetings and groups, after about a year of sobriety, never
made sense to me. As soon as someone says, well, we have special
problems, at that point they're talking about something other than
alcoholism and it's an outside issue. Just my opinion.

Yes, and I think that we should reconsider this. Any meeting with more
than one requirement for membership is, in my view, a group based on
FEAR. What in the world is appropriate to be shared at the group level
that's not appropriate for one of the men to hear?

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