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Question 3c. Do we attract minorities?


17 responses. There was a mix of assurance that we are attracting minorities, areas where we could do better, and some confusion about how this question can be answered in an online community.


I'm Latina, so you've got at least one! Honestly, I don't know if any AA
group "attracts" minorities. I got sober in a large city that's hugely
African American in its makeup and you would still find meetings that
were almost exclusively "white" or "black." How can you attract
minorities online, anyway? Generally, we don't know what a person
identifies as unless they mention it - so the question might be, if a
" minority" person joined one of the lists, would they find racism in the
discussions and/or chat? I don't think they would - I think it's a
respectful place.

I think so




guess so

Not to the degree I'd like, but we also don't create any barriers to
minority membership.

This is a funny question on the web. I think we do. However, I also
think that sometimes there's a silly (and I mean silly) nationalism that
pops up in the chat rooms and in email meetings. I think we can all be
more sensitive to the fact that not everyone is from the United States.

People of color? GLBT? Spanish/other language? We can do better but I
think this will evolve as long as we continue to show our "openness" and
willingness to observe all the Traditions of AA.

Not particularly. Some of the outspoken members are set in "our way" and
are not welcoming to minorities. However, we also need to be careful not
to swing too much the other way.

I do not know, I have often wondered about the skin color of the chat
room participants! We don't talk about that.

Don't have any existing way to measure this, and don't think we ought to
start asking that question.

Don't know....

Don't know.

don't know

Again how would we know?

It's sort of hard to answer these questions. We can't see folks as they
come in. . . . . I like AA inclusive rather than exclusive.

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