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Question 3a. Do we appeal to the younger alcoholic?


16 responses. Mostly "yes" responses, also "hard to know," and
some related remarks.


  • More so than most f2f AA meetings I've been to.
  • Don't know.
  • Don't know.....
  • Yes.
  • Yep
  • yep
  • yes
  • yes
  • We seem to.
  • I think we do, as much as any AA group can.
  • Yes. But not to older, senior, "golden-age" alcoholics.
  • I personally havent seen too many younger alcoholics, but I am one & I'm
    here. I like the site & the Group, so . . . .
  • I'm not really a "younger alcoholic," so don't know. What's the average
    age of an e-AA member?
  • Pretty staid presentation, again. We seem to have a median age of 40 in
    the chat room.
  • Not strongly enough...perhaps that would make a good e-mail list too.
  • I think we fail here by getting preachy and adamant about our opinions.
    It's a problem of personalities.
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