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Question 13: How is the group fulfilling its responsibilities to the
Seventh Tradition?


20 responses, 10 positive, others don't knows, negatives or


No worries. We have dough and a special literature fund going - a great
use of our financial resources. Our operating costs are so low that self
support becomes more an issue of service.

All I can tell is that the budget reports seem to indicate adequate

Bills are paid and we have a reserve and are able to contribute to other
entities so, I think we do a good with that.

We accept no outside contributions, fund ourselves, and are able to
contribute to GSO and online service structures where approprite


It seems like we have a good amount of money coming for what we want to
do, is that right? If we want to send somebody to a conference, we need
to solicit more contributions to that end? We're covering the expenses
of hosting the chat site and the web site well, it seems? I'm not really
clear on that.

We seem to have the financial resources we need when we need them.

The group always has surplus funds on hand. A contribution of
$5.00/month per member could be suggested.

I do, can't comment on any one else

It seems that given limited resource, the group is generous. Given the limited discussion here
of the seventh tradition, it seems that we probably get what we give.
The distribution of literature is a great thing that the group does.

Hmmmmm .. Not so good

Not well but then not everyone can afford to support the 7th just as
everyone doesn't put money in the basket at f2f

This needs to be announced in all meetings the same way the formats are
supposed to be presented. All regular meetings announce, "we have no
dues or fees but we do have expenses." Or they pass a basket.

We do a very poor job of sharing the money we do take in with the rest
of AA.

See above re service positions. That really falls under Tradition 7 –
every AA group ought to be FULLY self-supporting, and that includes not
depending on any individual of either having a car (in the case of a f2f
group's GSR) or a certain ISP to fulfill a role. (We also allow money or
technology to get in the way of some jobs. For example, if someone wants
to be listkeeper the group should consider fully sponsoring that
position, even if it means meeting some or all of the costs of the
necessary online tools, email address or whatever the group requires for
them to do so.)

Should have more attention and help to newcomers, without pressure, of
course (that would set people out if they felt pressured) wondered for
about two months and wasn't comfortable with the paypal thing, also
would help newcomers if knew how much cost to keep group expenses
monthly, how much the group is getting, how much should have to attend

I don't know.

I don't know

As I'm not involved with this aspect, I can't really answer.

Let's ask the treasurers.

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