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Question 12: Are we satisfied with the search engines referrals to e-AA
in bringing the A.A. message to the attention of professionals in the
community--the physicians, clergy, court officials, educators, and
others who are often the first to see alcoholics in need of help?


19 responses, 9 positive, 5 I don't know and 4 other. [This question was altered from the AA Group pamphlet suggested inventory questions to try to make it relevant to our online existence.]


Absolutely! (There's probably always room for improvement, but e-AA
always comes up when I do a search always)

We get a lot of visitors to the chat room from search engine referrals,
and some of these people have been referred there by treatment centers
and addiction counselors. So I'm very impressed with our search engine

This is a question about CPC and PIC work I take it? We don't really
concern ourselves with that. We have no control as to how search engines
present us, the order and things like that. We get a lot of referrals
to the chat room from various court referral programs.

Yes! Excellent!





I think this is expecting a lot from a e-mail meeting. That may be my
inexperience with computing. I think our links are enough.

I doubt it. My guess is that most people who arrive at e-AA for the
first time are searching for themselves or for a friend/family member
and the search is not done by a professional in the community. Doesn't
seem to be any objective way to measure this response – all we have is
our guesses. But, I’ve never met someone in the chatroom that had been
sent here by a community professional.

I'm not aware that we do anything with outside professionals. Search
engines won't bring any AA message at all, they'll just bring
individuals to e-AA. It's up to us to then provide AA's message. Perhaps
the web site needs a page for those in the professional community?

I think that it's much more difficult for an online group to do
Cooperation With the Professional Community than for a face-to-face
group. There are things we could do. It's an enormous undertaking, but
the Online Intergroup doesn't seem to want to do it. We could. However,
whenever we talk about it, such as the discussion not so long ago about
cooperating with the legal system, there are all sorts of prejudices
that arise. So, I'd guess that any CPC effort is doomed. We could just
going around the net looking for professional sites and writing them
emails saying we're here. But, again, this is a lot of work, and it
would be difficult to find people who like or want to do it.

We're weak here. No shrink is going to tell someone to join an online
group. We'd do better with the physical therapists & people providing
in-home nursing care, as the homebound are a clear niche where we can be
uniquely of service.


I guess.....this is a pretty hard question to do know the

As I'm not involved with this aspect, I can't really answer.

No opinion, uninformed

I don't know

Don't know

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