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Question 10a: Web site, design, ease of navigation


13 responses. Overall extremely positive with minor
suggestions for improvement.


Absolutely....the site is fabulous.....the ease of navigation is great!


The website is awesome, the best

The web site is well designed, easy to navigate, and is chock-full of
serious and fun stuff. If I was newly recovering, or even just thinking
about getting help, I think that the e-AA web site would draw me back
time and again.

I thinks it's great. I'm not techie, and I have no trouble.

It does its job, and is very classical in design. I think it's very
friendly, open and easy to navigate, except for access to op docs, which
perhaps should be more prominent in a "members only" page.

Our web site is very attractive. Sort of hard to find stuff sometimes
though!:-) The major stuff (help addresses, our stories stuff like that)
is easy to find with multiple links.

Good design. Would not mind seeing some reworking though.

Navigation...excellent but I think MORE EMPHASIS on "Our Stories" as I
see it as our version of the back of the BIG BOOK! Excellent for
" visitors/AA prospects" to identify....IF they find it!

I couldn't find the links to set myself to nomail. The site perhaps
needs a revamp, although the overall appearance is very good.

I think it's a little complicated, but I'm a simpleton.

Could improve, but am computer illiterate

I'd like to get rid of the white type on the blue background.

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