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Question 1: In your own words, what is the basic purpose of the group?


23 answers, approximately 15 of which were various forms of Tradition 5 and/or the last sentence of the Preamble. 6 responses reflected those ideas and included the factor of this group's existence on the internet rather than as a face to face group. Finally there were 2 responses that commented on how we were fulfilling that purpose.

  • E-AA is an online group of Alcoholics Anonymous that serves to provide support to the still suffering alcoholic as well as to those in recovery. It does so by means of chat, -meetings, AA-related links, and other features of the web site.
  • To bring AA to the still suffering alcoholic via the internet.
  • To help alcoholics who need other AA interaction besides f2f.
  • Spreading the AA message to people who cannot/will not attend traditional f2f meetings.
  • To provide access to the fellowship and program of Alcoholics Anonymous to those who seek it online, for whatever reason.
  • To share common experiences and hope with other alcoholics, and to help new people on their way to sobriety, or at least provide information for their later use. For fellowship and mutual support. To provide positive support, and continue on the sobriety journey.
  • To support one another in our efforts to stay sober by unreservedly participating in our AA "inspired" fellowship and to reach out to the person that is still suffering from active alcoholism. Our participation in e-AA is authentic "Experience, Strength and Hope" (mostly).
  • To hold AA meetings, to help newcomers get acquainted with AA and with online AA meetings, to discuss alcoholics and alcoholism, including using all of the AA approved literature. To get all people acquainted with Service Work. To meet and socialize with new AA people.
  • To help the still suffering alcoholic.
  • To carry the AA message/Be there when someone reaches out for help
  • Our primary purpose (and that of any group) is to stay sober and to carry the message to other alcoholics.
  • To stay sober and help others to get/stay sober.
  • To carry the message to the alcoholic that still suffers
  • To carry our message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
  • See preamble. ("Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.")
  • To carry the AA message to the suffering alcoholic, that AA works.
  • To carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.
  • Newcomers and carry the message every way you can online.
  • To help the alcoholic still suffering.
  • To carry AA's message and build fellowship.
  • Help alkies to do the program of aa to achieve and keep sobriety.
  • Supposedly it is to carry the message to suffering alcoholics. We do a lot of that, but are sort of unfocused? Our main effort is to provide a place for AA's to meet.
  • To provide a variety of communication media targeted primarily at existing AA members or individuals with an alcohol problem. To be less tolerant to non-alcoholics, or those perceived as non-alcoholic, so as to retain a forum for alcoholics as distinct from drug addicts.
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