Sober Musician

For the younger AA generation, some experience, strength and hope.
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Jimmy B.
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Sober Musician

Post by Jimmy B. »

Hello Everyone, My name is Jimmy, I'm a grateful alcoholic.

I visited these forums before, when I was just barely starting down my journey of recovery but I don't think I ever bothered making a profile or anything. I just scanned through briefly. But today, I am glad to say that I have refrained from any drinking, and have been able to for almost 15 months now. (March 1st) :D :D

I'm currently a college student, attending a music school and I can definitely say that maintaining my sober lifestyle while going to school with a bunch of other musicians has had its ups and downs. There has definitely been a good deal of pressure I have run into, parties I've had to pass up, ignorance I've dealt with in these past few months that have certainly not been easy. But somehow, god nudged me right along my path of sobriety, for which I am very grateful.

With that said, going here, I have yet to find somebody (it being a small school) who is another recovering addict or alcoholic that I can talk to, or go to meetings with. I have definitely been attending meetings regularly when I can in the area, and talking with the AA community. But I must say that being back home there was a lot more diversity in the recovery population. Ranging from people my age (or even younger), to old timers. So I guess that's sort of why I decided to come back, make a profile and give this a shot. I hope to get to meet a lot of you, make friendships and be of as much help as I can. I love the program and everything about it, it has done wonders for me.

Keeping it up One Day at a Time, Jimmy
My AA Birthday: December 6th 2011

Still taking things One Day at a Time.
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by becksdad »

Hi Jimmy, welcome! Glad you're here.... congratulations on the 14 9/10 months!!!lol. Keep going to meetings, travel some if you have to and can. Hook up with other drunks and ride together, you get a meeting before and after the "formal" meeting too! Keep coming back here, too! I get a lot out of this site, and hopefully you can, too!

Thanks, Ed
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by ann2 »

Big welcome, great to read you. Wish i'd gotten to AA in college, but made it soon afterwards, i am grateful to say!

Thanks for introducing yourself!!

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Abraham Lincoln
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by Abraham Lincoln »

Hey Jimmy,

I have a friend with 16 years who got clean young -- he just finished a tour of Japan recently playing with a jazz group. He's ridiculously good, has an extremely hot cellist girlfriend, and bought his house with money he made playing.

As long as you stay sober, you'll undoubtedly reach a point of never having to think twice about being around drugs and alcohol while playing music. Totally worth it.
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by masteroftheory »

Hey Jimmy,

Glad you had the courage to make an account. I just made mine too and am hoping to make some friends from it. Hopefully we can be friends ;)
"There are no good of bad choices. There are just the ones you are willing to live with." - Anonymous
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by aaryan »

hey my buddy and I are young n sober musicians as well

here is one of our tracks

(Link Removed per Site Policy...
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by KarlBri »

Hi I am also a 60 day sober musician, stay strong dude
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Re: Sober Musician

Post by brontoset »

Hi Jimmy! And hello to everyone else!

I'm a musician, and for a long time in early sobriety I thought that music wouldn't be the same sober. Even in sobriety, I connected music with self destructive behavior akin to drug seeking behavior; I would go off my psych meds to appreciate music more. That, as multiple people have told me, is like a slip. Everytime I did that i was toying with my brain chemistry to achieve what was essentially an altered state of consciousness.

Then, one day, a professional musician in recovery spoke to me after a meeting. He was sick and tired of me associating drugs and alcohol and self destructive behavior with music. He said "drugs and alcohol have NOTHING TO DO with music." Then he said something that hurt my feelings.

At two and a half years sober (about), I feel like I'm finally able to tap into a creativity that has nothing to do with drugs, alcohol, or self destructive behavior. Music exists independently of those things.

Hope that helps,

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Re: Sober Musician

Post by ahutch »

Hi Jimmy. I am also in college, I actually used to be a music major. I'm finding it difficult to find fellow young sober people on campus. I would love to have more people who are sober to talk to. I'm almost 22 months sober. I feel pretty lonely with that sometimes.
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