Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Handle?

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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Handle?

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No apologies this time, nor criticism, since those long termers have the advantage of me. You see, I feel responsible, not only for my own posted opinions, but how they effect others...both in and out of roomsl I wish I could take an insular pleasure in achieving total self reliance.

On phone I was told...yet again.... to abide by 12x12....and adjust my horizons. Unfortunately I have none!

Will close here...wish I could11


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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Handle?

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I'm sorry I offended you, Hazel, and I do apologize to anyone else who was offended. I was merely responding to a thread started by a lady with 25 years sobriety, not a new sick/suffering AAer. The topic wasn't life or death so I figured what's wrong with a little chuckle now and then. I thought we had decided this thread wasn't appropriate subject matter anyhow.
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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Handle?

Post by hazel4 »

I preferred your pre-edit, Lisar...more 'you'. :wink: No offence taken by me in this Forum, although one or two very temporary 'irritations' may occur on which I use a psychological bugspray! Offence leads to resentments and we all know that slippery slope.

Glad to back out of this one. Have sent Mary a few pages of my 'discussions' with Councils pre and post our 24 hr drinking law, so the subject for me is closed.

Take care

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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Handle?

Post by LetgoJoe »

I really dislike dirty politics and that is what it sounds like you are being exposed to. The cat is out of the bag and they found a secret that they can exploit to make you look like a born again non-drinker, a zealot with a screw loose - all to support their cause? If that is the case it would seem that you are going to be treated as the enemy in that environment. If I am off on that description let me know but that seems the stereotypical dirty politics of modern "civilization" that you were describing. Personally, when I am brushed with people using those tactics, it tends to eat at me to the point that I wear out some close friends sharing it off, then praying it off, etc. I work in fairly political environment, so I get exposed to this every now and then. the good thing is that we have the program to work on it. And if I choose to stay with something because the cause is worth fighting for (something I think is God's Will for me) - so be it, but I am then deciding to play the political game - if I step in the ring, it's a reasonable expectation that I will take some licks.

Maybe some questions for thought; Does this secret now being exposed help your cause or can you realistically, with it being known, still continue. If so, what can you realistically do about it? Is doing nothing in response to it the answer? Denying it always seems to backfire in these cases because they just use that to make a person look dishonest and try to paint the picture of a hypocrite. Is someone else taking the torch and option? For me if these politics go against my sanity or peace of mind to a great extent, I know what priority I have to choose eventually. Fight or surrender, keep sharing, work the program and talk to God about it, is what people tell me. When the fight (or having the courage to change the thing I believe I can) gets really tight, focusing on the very next thing praying for that courage and strength to do God's will as I understand it and allowing Him to be my shield helps. Sometimes God takes us to the very limit before He reveals the truth in our struggles. I know it was certainly that way with alcohol. Of course if that fight goes on for a long time and nothing changes, it becomes an act of futility and if it then looks as though I am being obsessive about something then it slides to the first line of the serenity prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change." I will pray you find the wisdom to know the difference and that you find peace in your situation. ~Joe K.
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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Hand

Post by desypete »

the aa message is simple and keep it simple we can only be there helping at aa meetings to help new comers and ourselfs by suporting our group etc thats all we do nothing else we are powerless over anything and everything we let the world and its problems deal with them themselves who are we to judge what is right or wrong. the danger is we find our answers in aa and then jump on our high horses trying to change the world so accept the things i can not change and stop fighting.
if you really are concerned about alcoholics then why not go and help out at a local down and out centre ? or invite a tramp to come and live with you and help him recover just like bill did many years ago or pop over to the local hospital and give your time and experience to people dying from this illness these crusades detract and give us false convictions that we must be right so we are really feeding our own egos still hence like i have been shown to keep it simple and just follow the path of those wise old owls in aa who really do know what there talking about when they talk about me and my motives and they show me how i really am hope this helps

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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Hand

Post by Marc L »

avaneesh912 wrote:i see a great opportunity for AA and Al-non to Carry THE message of AA to people who are still suffering. If we start interfering with Alcohol sales, it will will only cause friction and we will end up losing our sanity.
Wishing harm to others is uncool but if a Stray Jet dropped a bomb on the Jack Daniels factory or Drug Trafficers, I really wouldn't mind. :lol:

Recovery won't just happen by Osmosis. You gonna' have to work at it some.
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Re: Outed as recovering - for political reasons: How to Hand

Post by John Z »

I'll be blunt: drop the crusade to save society and focus ONLY on your sobriety. You will never save the world - you will only frustrate and depress yourself. You're doing the classic alcoholic thing of taking everybody else's inventory, and you're trying to justify it by making it some sort of community awareness program. Stick to your own inventory. Have you worked the steps completely with a sponsor?

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