Twenty Four Hours A Day January 9th

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Twenty Four Hours A Day January 9th

Post by Brock »

Saturday, January 9
Thought for the Day

When we were drinking, most of us had no real faith in anything. We may have said that we believed in God, but we didn't act as though we did. We never honestly asked God to help us and we never really accepted His help. To us, faith looked like helplessness. But when we came into A.A., we began to have faith in God. And we found out that faith gave us the strength we needed to overcome drinking. Have I learned that there is strength in faith?

Meditation for the Day

I will have faith, no matter what may befall me. I will be patient, even in the midst of troubles. I will not fear the strain of life, because I believe that God knows just what I can bear. I will look to the future with confidence. I know that God will not ask me to bear anything that could overcome or destroy me.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may put this day in the hands of God. I pray for faith, so that nothing will upset me or weaken my determination to stay sober.

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Re: Twenty Four Hours A Day January 9th

Post by DaveP1951 »

By nature I am not a mystically minded person. I am what I would consider more practical/scientific minded. I am not overly prayerful. Except in rare cases I find the Serenity Prayer is all I need.

I am not saying I do not have any degree of a belief or faith in a source of Power higher than myself. I would certainly not be able to function in life without at times a huge degree of faith. (Especially during these trying times of covid.) I am however satisfied with the quality of faith. I have faith in the program of AA, faith in my fellow humans, and faith in where life is leading me.
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