I don't want to feel complacent but I do

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Re: I don't want to feel complacent but I do

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your sponsor sounds like my sponsor soberguy =biggrin

i well remember moaning to my sponsor about a guy in the meeting who had been sober 30 odd years who did the main share in the meeting that night and never mentioned once the steps the program or anything that i would expect and i moaned the guy doesnt know what he is on about

my sponsor simply said yet he is sober for 30 years ?
the guy went on about motor sport which he loved and went on about his life as he lives it and enjoys it
it was a right boring old share i protested

my sponsor said the guy is showing us that he is now living a good sober life and has done so for over 30 years

what more do i want aa to show me ? isnt the whole point of our existence in aa is to be able to learn to live a new life free from booze and enjoy our life ?

he made me come to see it was me that had a problem with what the guys shared about simply because i didnt really listen or look deep enough to see the real meaning, as it was still all about me and what i want people to say in the rooms

anyway i try these days to listen and learn rather than give anyone marks out of 10 for there share

but it shows me just how nuts my head really is without treatment its dam dangerous lol
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