Attending Meetings While Out of Town

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Attending Meetings While Out of Town

Post by johnd »

Hi all,
Just took a couple days off and went up to Maine. I attended a meeting last night. A discussion meeting. It was a nice change. The people spoke about recovery and pretty much stayed on the topic that the chairperson had put out there.. It was really nice to hear what others do to stay sober and to improve their progress in recovery. They Welcomed all the visitors there were about 6 of us from out of state. They even had invited anyone who cared to join them in conversation and coffee afterwards at a local diner. I remembered all the meetings after the meetings . Some real great conversations would take place.

The reason I wanted to start this topic is I think that is important that whenever we travel we should always if possible be connected as to where the meetings are. I have gone on many trips and made sure that I had taken in a meeting.. Especially for the newer folks who may feel some anxiety or become overwhelmed with some of the traveling with family or business. Even though I may have years I still can get ansie or bored with a little time on my hands... Just thought I'd put it out there.
Thanks John D.
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Re: Attending Meetings While Out of Town

Post by PaigeB »

Thanks John! I haven't been to a lot, but meetings out of town are great! And they are everywhere! You can use this link on the US/Canada GSO website for locating them.
If you can't find them through that link, e-aa and our Intergroup OIAA are pretty adept at helping you find one in even the most remote corner of this Little Blue Marble. I think that Bill & Bob would be amazed at the proliferation of this program, but they would still encourage us to seek out our friends as we travel - just like they did in the beginning. If you can't find a meeting, find a priest or a hospital and inquire about where to find a drunk to work with. Our friends are meeting, but they are also dying without us.

Let's keep this thing going. :)
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Re: Attending Meetings While Out of Town

Post by Duke »

Thanks John. I don't always go to meetings when I travel, but I still follow the simple advice I was given early on. That was to make sure I looked up the times and locations of meetings in my area so I could go if I needed to. It's amazing the relief I feel just to know where and when one is. Back in my (and AAs) smoking days, I used to say you could always tell you were in the right room because of the nicotene colored walls and carpet. I've visited a lot of them around the country. Such a blessing that it's so readily available.

Thanks for the topic.
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Re: Attending Meetings While Out of Town

Post by Reborn »

I just got back from a trip to my home town. Attended 2 meetings while I was was refreshing to be in a room with new faces but hear the same message. For me going to meetings when I am away from home is essential. I can get complacent while on vacation and we all know what complacency gets us. Thanks for the topic John.
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