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Yvon P. wrote:
Sun Jan 28, 2007 6:07 pm
Of course, I must agree with Tomki! The spiritual wakening does come as a result of the first 9 Steps. We find the Promises there, in the Big Book, between Steps 9 and 10. Those Promises are the best "description" of that personality change sufficient to bring about recovery that I have seen.
I agree! I was in Step 9 when I had the spiritual awakening as a result of these steps. My first experience was before I got to AA, and a profound one. Enough to keep me until I went further and got into the work. I remember the day very clearly when I had the awakening. It was like I was able to see the truth and take actions based on it. I was a mess in early recovery, in a terrible relationship fueled by selfish motives, codependency and just every terrible lol. In that moment, I was driving, and it hit me that I was no longer willing to be a participant in the relationship. May sound trivial, but it was big for me. The ability to see the truth about the situation I had created, and then decide to no longer engage?! I didn’t think I could live without this man (much like I once thought I couldn’t live without drink!) From then one my life has change drastically. My thoughts ideas and motives have changed, so my actions today are different and my life follows Suite.

I’ve heard many tell of how they had similar experiences once they got to step 9. Restoration to sanity in REAL AS Heck!!

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