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New here

Post by PB4P »

Looking to supplement my physical meetings. Sometimes at 3am it would help. At 1 year and 4 months sober I am truly amazed and blessed. Thank you to AA, my higher power and all you fellowship of men and women.

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Re: New here

Post by Jojo2 »

Welcome to e-AA.

We are glad you are here.

In addition to these 24/7 discussion forums, the e-AA group provides an Email Recovery Meeting which embraces discussion on a range of recovery topics.
You can subscribe here: ...

We also have a temporary sponsor facility.
To request a temporary sponsor, please complete the form here:

Here is a link for the online version of our Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous:

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Re: New here

Post by PaigeB »

Welcome PB4P!

I searched out online AA for about the same reasons... I couldn't call people at the hours when I felt the most alone.

BUT! I learned that International AA Online would allow me to access alcoholics 24/7/365! No matter what time it is in MY time zone, it is time for a meeting somewhere. Every hour on the hour, alcoholics are bowing their heads together in the Serenity Prayer (or some other prayer) and the hour has become Sacred.

I found some good online meetings at the Online Intergroup, of which e-aa is a part.
until I found e-aa and started doing my daily maintenance at the Daily Reflections Forum.

I believe online AA ~ as a supplement to physical meetings ~ was fundamental in keeping me sober. Wow. Tomorrow is my 9 year sober anniversary! :D Thanks e-aa!
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