Attending a meeting for information

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Attending a meeting for information

Post by LadyTee »

Hi I am a PHd student just sitting in to retrieve some information about the meetings and what goes on at a meeting. Thanks for having me.

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Re: Attending a meeting for information

Post by Brock »

Hello Lady Tee.

I am afraid we don’t discuss much about what happens at meetings, apart from trying to give newcomers who come to sites like this confidence, that there’s nothing to be scared about, nothing to sign, no commitment to make, just some folks drinking coffee and talking about alcoholism.

There are some sites you can search under names like ‘what happens at AA meetings,’ and get a fair idea of the different types of meetings. Unfortunately there are also some sites generated by, and subscribed to, by those who have a grudge against AA. Usually because they wanted it to run their way, and rather than having the ‘disease’ of alcoholism, for which there is no known cure, they were looking for a place to moan about and get support for life's problems. These are the ones who will speak of a cult, and religious fanatics, things which AA is certainly not guilty of.

My main purpose for responding to this question is to alert you to this false information, I would also mention that AA meetings are not a support group in the usual sense of the word. We support especially newcomers in that we help them understand the process of doing the steps, and after these are completed there is no urge to drink anymore. If you wish you can search for meetings in your area and look for those marked ‘open,’ (as opposed to closed), and you can attend, if asked you can just say you are there to listen.

Wishing you best of luck in your studies, and hoping that if you are ever in a position to speak or write positively or negatively about AA, you will have found enough evidence to report positively about the simple program, which has literally saved countless people like myself from a slow and painful death, and opened up a marvelous new sober life.
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Re: Attending a meeting for information

Post by PaigeB »

Please read 164 pages + the prelude called "The Doctor's Opinion" here: ... traditions

Here is the AA main website for the USA/Canada regions
You will want to look in your city or a city close to you for an OPEN meeting
Seriously, there is nothing in the world like an AA meeting. Hit a few different ones. Hit some meeting while you travel. Let them know you are an interested professional and they will be willing to assist you and maybe answer a few questions, after the meeting. AA meetings do NOT have any cross-talk. We do not usually give advice (so if you hear it from one AA to another, you will want to count it as unusual) we offer suggestions - maybe even strong suggestions, but not advice. And it still a meeting for alcoholics so some meetings ask that only alcoholics participate in the talk portion. Oh and we laugh at our foibles and even our tragedies because we survived and because we identify. This should not be considered insanity... laughing but serious. Oh and from me to you... please do some research on alcoholism as a disease, it is often misdiagnosed as bipolar. Though it is possible to have BOTH conditions ~ in my humble opinion, it is far too often lumped together and the condition of alcoholism is medicated unnecessarily. As far as I know, science hasn't found a cure for us yet, but AA has given us a SOLUTION.

You might also be interested in a pamphlet AA publishes for professionals as well as other valuable information. ... fessionals
Also here is a pamphlet for alcoholics about medications ... ther-drugs

Personally, because we in AA share our "experience, strength and hope", I will tell you a short story from my life. My GP and my shrink had next to no information about Alcoholics Anonymous. My GP Rx'd Atavan (woohoo! like alcohol in solid form!) and antidepressants (which made me see things that weren't there and be awake during sleep paralyses, which was a bad dream out of the horror movie SAW) so in a short time I quit trying her pills. My head doc, though he claimed to specialize in alcoholism, had never read the 164 pages of our Basic Text in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. He wanted to talk about how my parents shaped me rather than allow me to take full personal responsibility for my actions while drinking. Even though I am an atheist and fully believe in doctor's and the medical angle of this disease (dis-ease), I also believe that I needed a Power Greater to help me change my thoughts and my actions. I used the AA "practical program of action" and personal responsibility to help me find a "profound change in my reactions to life". I ask that you read two more short pages in the Appendix of out book that is called Spiritual Experience - (pp. 567-568). I found a Great Reality, an untapped inner resource, as mentioned there. I no longer suffer so badly that suicide seems like a viable option. I have a new freedom ~ from slavery to alcohol. I live a good & simple life where family and community accept me & I am able to participate in them.

I haven't found it necessary to take a drink since August 1, 2009. I am grateful to AA for that. I am willing to talk to you by phone after you have been to a few meetings. Click on my name and send me a message through this site and we can arrange a time a method for our communications.

I wish you Peace.
Cling to the thought that, in God's hands, the dark past is the greatest possession you have - the key to life and happiness for others. With it you can avert death and misery for them. page 124 BB

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