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New here

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My name is Matt. I am 24 and from Maine (US). I have been sober since May 17th 2017. I have been in a location that does not have meetings since January, and it is starting to bother me that I have gotten away from the program. I still keep daily contact with my sponsor but I want to get into this kind of online stuff. Thank you all for being here, I'm grateful that this avenue exists.

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Re: New here

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Welcome here Matt, we have a pretty good bunch of AA’s on these forums, it’s a place we can comment on anything and ask any questions. The e-mail meeting is I believe pretty vibrant as well, I can’t find the link right now, I am kind of rushing to see the Brazil V’s Switzerland word cup football match which is just starting, will be back later.
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Re: New here

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Welcome to e-AA, Matt.

You are very welcome to join the Email Recovery Meeting by completing the form at this link: ...

Glad you found us

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