Jessica, alcoholic

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Jessica, alcoholic

Post by notquite »

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an alcoholic. My sober date is December 31, 2014, so I have a little over a month right now. I went to my first AA meeting on January 3rd, 2015. I've lost count of how many since then -- not every day, but sometimes multiple in a day. Anyway.

At this point it still feels pretty surreal to me to have been sober for a month. I am surprised by how quickly it has gone by. I have met so many new people and taken in so much information, it's kind of overwhelming at times but I am managing okay. I have a sponsor, I've had her for about a week and a half, I will meet with her for the second time this coming Friday.

Non AA related, I'm 28, been married for 18 months, have 4 cats, and work full time as a cafe manager. I'm not sure what else to say.

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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by Duke »

Welcome Jessica. Thanks for introducing yourself. Congratulations on your 30+ days. It sounds like you're diving right in. That's how it worked for me. Half measures....well, you know.

I hope we hear more from you. This is a great place to share and learn. See you around.
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by ann2 »

Congratulations Jessica! Great to have you here! Hope you keep reading and sharing :D :D :D

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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by positrac »

Welcome newcomer and just know we all have dealt with being newly sober and for your post it reminds me of my last drink and I haven't forgotten that. 11/01/89

I am no expert although I know if you surround yourself with the right people living like you want to live then you can achieve a life long sober life. So keep on keeping on and you'll surprise yourself with what you can achieve being sober.
Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It's the best part of the day.
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by PaigeB »

Welcome Jessica! I love meetings! I go to a lot - the people there are the bright spot in my day.

E-aa is my bright spot in EVERY DAY! Keep coming back!
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by Niagara »

Hi and welcome Jessica, good to have you here :)
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by Hanna »

Hi Jessica,
Glad you found us, congrats on 1 month! Please continue sharing your journey with us. This site is an important part of my program, I can come here any time, day and night to share a concern or ask for help, there is always another alcoholic showing up to lend support. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, keep posting~
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by Lali »

Welcome, Jessica. I note that you are a newlywed. Congrats to you and your husband. And congrats on your 30+ days of sobriety! Did a specific incident lead you to meetings, Jessica? Is this your first contact with AA? If you have any questions for us, please don't hesitate to ask. We are a very supportive group here. I have been coming here nearly every day since I first found e-aa as a supplement to my face to face meetings. I look forward to hearing more from you.
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by zteknik »

Hello and welcome Jessica!
Congrats on 30 days. :D
Yes it does feel surreal the first few months, well it did for me as well.
after being around for a while I realize why. I was used to being drunk or hung over that when I did finally put the drink down it felt odd.
I spent most of my life with a drink I knew no other way. Now I know a better way and it is through this program.
I admitted my defeat to alcohol, got a sponsor and worked the steps. I still work the steps and carry the message to other alcoholics the same way it was done with me.

Keep coming back, this program will save your life and show you how to live.. :wink:

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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by kenyal »

Welcome Jessica. It's only personal opinion, but I feel that 28 is the perfect age to get sober for the rest of our lives. Terrific how involved you are, you'll feel better faster that way.

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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by Jackstraw »

Another welcome :D
The community here has meant the world to me. I'm a year and bit more sober, and I remember the early months really well. Glad you are here and please come back and share; it is together we keep each other well.
And I know how sweet life can be
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Re: Jessica, alcoholic

Post by catcar »

Welcome Jessica!

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